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10/10/2020 c1 Lemon1412
why aren't you continuing this story? its so good and great! you've been doing a good job! I am really looking forward for the next chapter <3
8/11/2020 c6 Tom327
New Chapter pls
12/3/2019 c6 Guest
I loooove this story!
Waiting for more chapters!
7/3/2019 c6 2Caesar704
Oh My Gosh I didn't expect that you will update this story again! You're still alive and exist ! I mean I really love this story. And the the chapter when you tell us about Conan bullet scar is still my favorite I mean that part likely will have great story. I love it. I Hope you will finish this story!
7/3/2019 c6 5Yose Hyuann
owww... thank you so much for updating!
Can't wait for the next chapter. Good luck!
6/2/2019 c5 Yose Hyuann
So cute and heartwarming. Wish you continue
5/28/2018 c5 Guest
7/2/2017 c5 Guest
Will you update this?
10/29/2016 c5 2Caesar704
next please .
10/29/2016 c1 Caesar704
such a perfect story.! I like it
8/5/2016 c5 Imouto'Nyan
update please xD always loved a fanfiction with seperated shinichi and conan~
7/27/2016 c5 9LightDrksoul
Wow guess you aren't dead haha. well another great chapter on a different spin of the Detective Conan story and a pretty good spin. I never broke a bone either so I have no complaints can't wait for the next chapter!
11/12/2015 c4 Guest
When's the next chapter?
3/28/2015 c4 6Mystery0028
are you dead or did you discontiue the story?
8/9/2014 c4 Kimmiko T
I really love this story!
Please update really soon!
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