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9/26/2016 c7 narutoDkurosaki
Its been 3 yrs and still no update
10/10/2015 c5 3september.again
How many reviews do you need before you write the next chapter? I love this story! Please don't give up on it :)
8/14/2015 c6 september.again
Please update! I'm hooked. This is awesome
7/16/2015 c7 september.again
I'm new to this website and this is one of the first few stories I've read. Your writing skills are great! Please continue the story :)
12/5/2014 c7 Guest
SCrew Sara! Go Alex! Go Alex!
12/3/2014 c7 ArTeMuS09
An update please!
Don't leave us hanging!
7/12/2014 c7 13ClaraV19
oww finally! some Alex/Neal, I need you to update please!
2/20/2014 c7 erica
Love this story I would like to see more of it if u could please update
1/3/2014 c7 2StillSunflower
this is so great! I WANT MORE :)
I'm just obsessed with these two.
10/7/2013 c7 5caritoj89
and what happen next?
8/27/2013 c7 2elenore kont
Seems promising!Update soon :))
5/5/2013 c7 Guest
Udapte please please please please please!
4/13/2013 c6 Guest
What's up with all the crying?
3/31/2013 c7 yasmina9
No, Alex is not dreaming! Next chapter please
3/31/2013 c6 yasmina9
I am not a Sara fan either... Please don't let Alex hurt for too long and make Neal wake up to the fact that he cant live without Alex!
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