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for Gundam SEED: FORCE Emerge

4/1/2017 c11 1Legionnas
Those stupid Bkue Cosmos NutJobs should've done their homework better and thought their plans more thoroughly, especially that Buisness suited maniac.
10/17/2016 c11 3Reishin Amara
the language is a tad butchered, but the story is honestly pretty good ;) hope to see more,and hope your english improves as you gain experience.
3/31/2015 c7 18Pink ranger 13
It's great story and where luke skywalker and his sister leia skywalker
3/11/2013 c10 8Double-DecaKiva-DenBlades
hey nice chapter length!
with something like messiah,the chance of orb to fall like in episode 30 is slim.
keep updating!
1/6/2013 c8 4MrSoandSo
you really need a beta reader before you publish your chapters ... its really starting to be an eyesore ...
12/7/2012 c6 g-3x
hey,this story is interesting
but it would be better if you add more details and words ,try at least 2000 words per chapter.
good luck!
11/11/2012 c1 229gunman
Not a bad start, though keep in mind I know very little about Gundam SEED, so this wasn't a bad start in my mind.
But considering this is after Yavin so it's not too far off the final storyline.
Regardless, it's a good start, despite that it's short, you're right that your grammer could use some corrections.
Good luck with your future chapters.
Write on!

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