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2/7/2013 c5 Imansta
update this plleeeassseee i miss it
12/12/2012 c6 bade
robbie locked them in! :O lol
12/11/2012 c5 Imansta
the story is good. Even great! please don't leave us hanging :)
12/12/2012 c6 5karlaserna
OMGGG! where's Robbie?! omg omg omg I'm in suspense! and I love suspense *-* anyway, I'm SOOOO glad you keep writing this! 'cause I SERIOUSLY love this, I love stories like this, don't give up! ;D heehee I'll be waiting for the next chapter! :DDD

PS: this is seriously amazing *-* I'm in love with this
12/10/2012 c5 bade
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE THIS STORY! what about the guy captures the others and ties them to a chair because he doesn't really want them but they are in the way and he tries to kill cat but jade jumps in front of cat and no matter how hard he tries to kill cat jade saves her and the others are impresses and are freaking out and the guy is sick of jade so he tortures her
12/10/2012 c5 ilovebade
hiii! i wanna give you an idea ... what if the dude traps them in the house and u know ... all of them try to go out but then somebody has the brilliant idea *cough*pervert*cough*. jade seduces the dude (she just shoes some cleavege lol!) and then BAM! andre hits him in the head and they all run into the woods to go out of there but the dude is running behind them and just when he was about catch cat the police hits him with their car and they all take the gang to the police station to report the dude (they take him to jail)
and TADA!
sorry 4 grammar mistakes i don't speak english really well.
anyway hope it works to you!
12/12/2012 c6 13BhindGreenEyes
Love it update soon
12/10/2012 c5 cuteasme
plz dont stop it so good
12/10/2012 c5 BhindGreenEyes
This is one of my fave stories you have to continue!
12/2/2012 c4 31Bade87
continue! :)
11/29/2012 c4 5karlaserna
oooooooohh! love this! love this! love this! update sooooon! :DDDD heheheh but really soon! ò.ó xD okay no xD just if you can! :D I mean, I'll be waiting anyway! xD 'cause it's worth it! *-* seriously! I love this! amazing! heehee
11/29/2012 c3 karlaserna
OMG OMG OMG I'm in suspense! D: ! I NEED to read the next chapter like now! I mean, I love suspense! asdfghjkl! amazing amazing amazing! aaahhh! SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS! x'DDDDD you totally got me in the story, it's amazing and I just love it and it seems like I will never be tired of saying that! amazing job! LOVE IT! *-*
11/29/2012 c2 karlaserna
OMG! :( Robbie should tell the others about that figure! asdfghjkl but that could ruin all the good part of the story muahahah but but! D: poor Cat! and! who hit her?! aaaahh! I want to punch the one who did it! ò.ó but I know I won't :c I don't really hit people just 'cause they do bad things, they scare me lol anyway! amazing job! I'll keep reading! YAAAAAAY! LOVE THIS! heehee oh! and I really hope you like my reviews lol XD but sorry when sometimes I type a lot... e.e anyway! :D you're awesome! heehee and an amazing writer, too! so proud of you!
11/29/2012 c1 karlaserna
omg! this looks really interesting! I LOVE horror stories, 'specially when there's Bade! so yaaaay! amazing! I'll keep reading! this is truly amazing! heehee I had also started a horror story with Bade xD I just haven't updated 3rd chapter lol but hey! this story is soooooooooooooo sososososoSO amazing! I mean! who's that man?! was it really a man? omg! I seriously NEED to read the next chapter! YAAY! (or not yaay... but yaay! XD)

Karla ;D
11/21/2012 c4 bade
can the guy get the rest of the gang but only wants cat n jade so he ties them to a chair and puts them aside so they can watch cat n jade and the guy tries to hurt cat but jade defends her and everytime he tries to hit cat or whatever jade jumps in front of cat and gets hurt and the gang r imressed
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