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for Jelous Of Pets (a Parody of Jelous of the Mermaid)

5/19/2013 c1 Guest
No offense, but you might need to check your capitalization. If you are using orange hedgehog as a name, it's Orange Hedgehog. That would make a little more sense, since you capitalized Doggie Diva and used it as a name. Or you could make "Doggie Dive" a doggie diva. Then you would keep orange hedgehog as a noun and a verb. Also, sevral times you capitalize random words in your story. And (I might just be clueless here) what do you mean current taker? Do you mean her current owner?
Storyline wise, I (and this could be just be me) think you ought to label this as a one-shot or add more. How is Zoe (Doggie Dive) feeling when Russell (Orange Hedgehog) says "Come on, You are a Great, Nice Singer, and Awesome Dog." and why? Some of the sentences in this story make zero sense. here is one (with capitalization corrected) "She touched Orange Hedgehog, turned her head with a sad smile, small tears glistening on her cheeck, she wiped them away." This a run on if I ever saw one. And what Zoe says about Blythe is truely confusing.
1/5/2013 c1 Guest
the dogs name is zoe and the hedgehog name is russel
12/27/2012 c1 NameI3Russel
Doggie Diva Zoe. orange hedgehog Russel. Seriously.
11/14/2012 c1 ILoveDerpy948
I think It would be cool if someone did a crossover story with Littlest Pet Shop(2012 one) and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
11/13/2012 c1 Guest
good story. and just FYI:
Purple dog Zoe Trent
Grey skunk Pepper Clark
Green gecko Vinnie Terrio
Pink monkey Minka Mark
Blue mongoose Sunil Nelva
Orange hedgehog Russel Furguson
Purple panda Penny Ling
11/12/2012 c1 DogLova421
The names of the animals are Zoe Trent and Russell Ferguson
11/13/2012 c1 Valena the Guardian
The dog is named Zoe Trent and the hedgehog is named Russell Ferguson.
11/11/2012 c1 ILoveDerpy948
Wow! The first 2012 littlest pet shop fanfic. Hope they make more 2012 littlest pet shop fanfics.
11/12/2012 c1 Protector of men
The dog is zoe, The hedgehog is russel, the mongoose is I forgot, but you can look up all their names on .
11/12/2012 c1 7knucklesthesqurrel2
a Doggie Diva is Called Zoey. Silly Me!

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