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8/13/2013 c1 26Rachel Smith Cobleigh
Lovely, and really nice job with the Mary / Tom dynamic.
11/13/2012 c1 23R. Grace
Congrats on another beautiful M/M moment! Your Matthew voice has always been strong, but your Mary voice is giving it a run for its money. Keep it up! I'm always happy to help. ;)
11/12/2012 c1 Audrey C
Cute story. Enjoyed the interaction between Mary and Tom. Nice family moment. And the bit about Matthew watching out for his back. Good of Mary to share stories about Sybil with Tom.
11/12/2012 c1 luvgoround
Good. Love the fact that Mary enjoys Matthew's sleeping sounds so much. Interesting that Tom never asked James to help out. Keeping the downstairs, downstairs I suppose.
11/12/2012 c1 GhostIsland
Aww! I love the idea of Mary protecting Matthew, especially in an unorthodox situation! :) I particularly enjoyed her solution of getting Moseley to help Tom (that line about how "He idolizes Matthew and seems rather afraid of me" was PRICELESS! :D ) And SIGH, the flashing back to Mary caring for an injured Matthew...love it. :D The last line was so sweet, and it really emphasized how Mary's relationship with Tom has almost become an extension of her relationship with Sybil. Keep writing! :)
11/11/2012 c1 21life2ROCK
oh this is really really good
11/11/2012 c1 91OrangeShipper
Aaaaaahhh that was so sweet... Asleep!Matthew is just completely adorable, I don't blame Mary for being quite transfixed :) And what a lovely understanding between she and Tom. Lovely!
11/11/2012 c1 4maricejayo
More of this! This quiet moments just wow. I almost always hate drabbles but this was nice. Love the picture you put in my mind, and you are great writing Mary, better then many people here. I wonder if it may be you the one to take the challenge of writing M/M/T friendship stories, must people seem to ignore it and go directly to new stories and angst, so maybe you might write another heart to heart moment with this three, even if one of them is only sleeping.
11/11/2012 c1 7Eternally Romantic
This was so good, I loved reading about Mary and how she sees the situation. I hope you write more!

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