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for A Kyuubi's Kiss

12/22/2020 c5 brenda sianipar
Oh wow, this story is so good! The plot is unique and interesting, and it is sooo well written. I hope I can read more of this amazing fic but its okay, thank you for writing this and stay safe!
10/9/2017 c5 Niki1213
Hello! I just found this wonderful fanfic and I LOVE IT. Oh please update soon.
12/1/2015 c5 la canelle
Interesting, I wouldn't mind to see more of this, you should update this amazing story soon.
10/24/2015 c4 3Refraction of Light
I kinda expected Naruto to be a different fox spirit something like Inuyasha and his brother. Well I really like your story and I do hope you'll want to continue it one day. It's interesting plus NaruSaku is kind of my favorite pairing so I'm a bit biased.
4/4/2015 c5 3Sensuto
This an amazing story... There are elements both from kamisama hajimemashita and inu yasha, an it is turning out to be very good... please update soon
11/13/2014 c5 BloodyAyame23
whoa, that is crazy
11/13/2014 c5 1Hanmac
nice Kyubi!Naruto x Sakura scenes, i hope there will be more *g

hm maybe having Sakura try to flirt with Naruto? *g
hm maybe a HotSprings scene? xD

or do something like having Sakura cook for him?
11/12/2014 c5 68Masahiro 'Night' Seiran
Ahh youre finally updated.
i love this story n its fun to imagine. I hope you can update the next chapt soon.
11/12/2014 c5 sparten07
Man I am looking forward to the next chapters
11/12/2014 c5 Decius23
Damn, i had really high hopes for this but the whole 'forcing Kurama into the bond and making him weak' makes me completely disinterested in this story.

It would really have been better if you had Kurama/Naruto protect Sakura due to a favor for Mebuki because of some rendered service and let a bond develop naturally.

As far as i see it (even as a Naru/Saku fan) the way Sakura acted was far to atrocious to be ever forgiven by Naruto. She broke into his house, was exceedingly rude and intolerant in regards to demon customs and quirks (like Kitsunes pridefullnes and the general love of freedom) and then forced that priestess/familiar bond unto him which by the way was a really cheap way to do that.

If they had teamed up on their own free will you could have done far more interesting interaction without using some 'yeah they have to do that because the bond actually weakend Kurama and he has to obey to a large degree' cop-out.

And that you actually dared to weaken Naruto just so he's not so powerfull was a real kick in the balls for me. You had a real badass character and i absolutely don't understand why you did what you did. Again, Naruto protecting Sakura because he owed her mother a favor would be better for having more paths you could take the story. Sakura having to become actually strong on her own because she can't/doesn't want to have Kurama to protect her all the time, Kurama forcing her to become strong because he doesn't want to protect her etc. But deliberately weaken him for the sake of previously weaker characters (Orochimaru) now beeing a credible threat or even flat out stronger?

I'm really down, so much potential wasted...

Regarding your use of present and past tense: NEVER use past tense as long as it isn't a dialogue.
11/12/2014 c5 13Lonely Athena
Of coursE! I mean , it's kurama you cant expect him to like it at first :3
I bet he would kiss her just to annoy her at some point :D
7/7/2014 c4 EmiliaKyuchi
It was very interesting to get a look at Kurama's opinion on the bond. I can't wait to find out what the consequences of the bond not being complete will be. Also, will we be seeing what the other girls are doing? Nice job on the chapter!
7/7/2014 c4 68Masahiro 'Night' Seiran
Very interesting story. I love your idea, its like alternative story of Inuyasha but with more mistery. Cant wait to read the next chapter ;) keep the good length!
7/6/2014 c4 Emma3mikan
Continous please!
7/5/2014 c4 deedee2034
This is awesome! I love how you start to unravel the characters other personalities/characteristics through each chapter! I hope you keep it up! I can't wait for the mysteries to come out to light behind Sakura's heritage! XD
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