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for The Sick TimeLord

12/29/2014 c12 33Jesuslovesmarina
This is such a cute story (: I've really enjoyed reading it.
12/18/2014 c12 TheAmberFox
British companions. Visiting parallel universes, being chased by monsters, meeting famous people, saving the universe time and time again; and all they can think about is tea!
12/18/2014 c3 TheAmberFox
I wish instead of going to the TARDIS's medical bay they went to the new earth hospital.
11/27/2013 c12 12Aqua Mage
Nice fic ;)
6/30/2013 c12 Guest
These are brilliant! Please do continue, the stories really are fantastic! :)
12/21/2012 c11 1when-the-fandoms-attacked
I love this collection if stories! Are you planning to write any more? I love them! Please do! :D
11/21/2012 c7 Guest
Brilliant! Very good job... Heres an idea! You could do a story about 10 and Donna. Maybe Donna gets sick and she refuses to let the Doctor, well, doctor her. Maybe yells at him like she does in the episodes... XD I love Donna. And your story is fantastic!
11/20/2012 c6 22ShippingOTPs
This was really amusing x I can imagine it happening x
11/18/2012 c5 2Baeritone
Love it:)
11/12/2012 c1 22ShippingOTPs
This was really good and lighthearted x
11/12/2012 c1 5Aardvarks Live In Russia
Clever idea! And well written! Please, continue!

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