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7/24/2015 c1 saderia
I like in side Sam head. Great chapter.
9/10/2014 c11 distracted66
Great hope you continue this for season 4 and 5.
12/14/2013 c11 Guest
Wow! You have great insights into sam's character. I hope you continue this someday. Season 4 had to give you a lot to work with. Lol
10/12/2013 c11 Rachel
Also, you should update this story to include season 4 (but maybe less marlo, more andy-related musings). Great job x
10/12/2013 c1 Rachel
hey. re-reading older stories in the mcswarek tag until s5 - i really like your writing style :)
on a side note, you do realise your profile pic looks a lot like a dick upon first glance? haha just sayin...
3/17/2013 c11 linda p
Great job on the story. The ending has made me sad of course just like on the show.
3/17/2013 c10 8ridexc
And again, I think you're missing the point that this story is written from Sam's perspective. If there had been any point in the break-up or post-break-up episodes that indicated he thought she was selfish and well worth having gotten rid of, I didn't see it. What I saw was him shouldering a whole lot of grief and anger and lashing out in all sorts of inappropriate ways ... and then getting to guilt and remorse and trying to fix things. If he had happily sailed on from the toxic-mess-that-is-Andy that YOU saw, that's the canon I would have stayed with. But it ain't what happened. Sorry. You can rewrite it your way in your own story if you like.
3/17/2013 c1 35MD14
Well Guest, this story is 11 chapters long, and I don't think it should've taken you this long to realize that this is what ridexc was going to stick with. As you've hopefully noticed, most fics that are still getting posted, are about them admitting that each made mistakes, and often times the P.O.V's of what happened will switch.

If you didn't like the direction these were going, it was your responsibility to stop reading. You're putting this authors perspective and interpretation of the show on the chopping block and telling them it's wrong.

Really great work though ridexc! I hope you write something new soon :)
3/17/2013 c11 Guest
My issue isn't Sam for sure, or your take on him. He IS too hard on himself. He takes the heat for his screw ups AND hers, always 's part of the show and who he is yet you say he's unforgiving. When hasn't he forgiven her? My issue is the commments that he (you) make that he doesn't deserve her and everything is his fault. HER actions, playing him hot and cold from the start, ditching him (job be damned- she left him when he needed her. Period) dropping mother-in-laws (her words) on him but not letting him have an opinion, telling him his job has suddenly changed and she doesn't like him being her superior officer anymore, pushing and pushing when he needed space, etc...all this lead to the break up, but she doesn't take responsibility for any of it. She has only ever cared about herself. I wonder what show you're watching that you can't see how selfish and UNforgiving she has always been with Sam. The fact she refused to forgive him after all the times he's forgiven her is despicable. As for how she acted after the break up - the pouting and avoiding, the key throwing, she refused to talk to him when he showed he still cared. That's all part of the show we saw.
3/17/2013 c11 jh126
Ahh...Sammy, Sammy! So many mistakes. So many shoulda, woulda, couldas.
3/17/2013 c11 8ridexc
Ordinarily I don't mind at all when someone differs with my version of things - c'est la guerre and all - but I feel compelled to respond to a couple of my 'guest' reviewers today, both of whom appear to have a serious hate on for McNally! When I read your reviews, all I could think was, "Were we watching the same show?"

Both characters admittedly have their flaws, which is what makes them fun to write. But I'm puzzled by the characterization that Andy was petulant and childish, post-breakup. I don't know how YOU respond to getting dumped, but I personally would have been a LOT less civil than she was on the show! As for her "being there" after being dumped ... how exactly does one do that? I don't think she was given that option.

It's also important to remember that in this particular story, I was adhering pretty religiously to the show canon. All I was doing was adding Sam's perspective and thought process. IOW, the plot, really, is not mine, apart from some little behind-the-scenes stuff I employed (like the poker game). So I have to disagree about Sam's colleagues remarking on his bad behaviour. There's a scene where Swarek and Shaw are driving to work together, and Shaw takes Swarek to task for letting the garbage pile up in his truck and for generally letting stuff slide, followed by some gentle but pointed remarks about what a mistake it was to let the girlfriend he had, go. At which point Sam deflects by proposing Shaw host his own radio talk show. I added in another incident, of my own design, of Ollie getting fed up with Sam being a tool (both in regard to McNally, and in general), and I can absolutely see Ollie doing that - and doing it OUT of loyalty! If anyone's going to give it to Sam straight, it's Shaw, and let's face it, Sam WAS being a tool, as the little police rampage that Diaz called him out for, clearly demonstrates. I don't think this was anywhere near AU territory. Just sayin'.

Whether you believe these two are a bad match or not, what happens in this story is what happens in the series. He DOES dump her, he DOES behave badly, he DOES change his mind somewhere along the line, and he DOES have to deal with the fact that his profession of love might just be too little, too late.

Thanks for reading, though, and taking the time to comment. Seriously.
3/17/2013 c11 sophia
I like even for Sam focus, you are both point of view. both can need improve for relate better.
3/17/2013 c11 5radleyboo
I'm a silent reader around here, and have just gotten around to creating an account and commenting and I just wanted to let you know that I've followed this story from beginning to end and loved ALL OF IT. Especially this last chapter-where you've done an EXCELLENT job at summarizing Sam's feelings and how Andy's trying to be strong but he can tell how hurt she is because of her posture. I just wanted to give Sam a huge hug by the end of that.

I think they're both to blame for this...rough their relationship, and it's completely unfair that all these "Guests" are being so mean to Andy! I am and always will be a Swarek fan but I do NOT understand how anyone could NOT sympathize with Andy in S3.

If anyone wants to debate this, shoot me a PM. We can have a wholeee discussion on it :)
3/17/2013 c11 Guest
I liked this and am sad to see it end, even if its just for now. I think you did a good job getting inside Sam's head, it is difficult for me to know what he's thinking sometimes because he isn't great at verbalizing. I do think he made mistakes that he didn't necessarily intend to like asking for the keys and the Grey's joke. I can understand why Andy would be wary too. Both of them need to communicate better, it is difficult but things of value often are.

Everyone has regrets and decisions they would do over if given the opportunity and I do think that applies to Sam here.

One thing I appreciated overall in this story was the grammar and spelling and the little quotes at the beginning and how they relate to each chapter. Hope to see more from you in the new season.
3/17/2013 c11 Guest
I think you've done great up to this chap. You kinda dropped the ball. Sam's a love sick chump to be sure and he's always let her off the hook for everything but this is taking martyrdom too far. He was right to break up with her. She showed her true colors afterwards. Shows she never loved him like he loves her. He won't be beating himself up, he'll be glad he got out when he did. And there's no way Oliver and the rest would be mad at him. This isn't highschool where everybody sticks their nose in everybodys business, not to mention Oliver would be loyal to Sam.
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