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for What if Sakura never hated Naruto Version 2

5/4/2022 c21 Guest
That’s the end broo? Please make more of this
2/8/2022 c2 Alice Scarlett Knabel
sakura could never make that many clones most things are good so far otherwise
2/8/2022 c1 Alice Scarlett Knabel
I hate abandoned great stories
12/27/2020 c21 hc94436
When are going to do more chapters of this story I love it!
10/26/2020 c21 21Spidey2
Love this! Keep going!
10/17/2020 c1 3fannaruto326
So very strong naruto with kyubi and bloodline and...just sakura
10/13/2020 c3 1SteppingSaltz
so romance is this story's first genre but there's no fluff ?
7/31/2020 c21 Kaisell Windson
pls continue
5/4/2019 c21 devin.kelly.9889
Plz update soon
11/12/2018 c21 4Monster King
Great job
6/10/2018 c21 Kesshi Uzumaki
Please update soon! I’m loving your story! Also can you pair Itachi and Anko together? They deserve each other considering their pasts. Plus Anko Uchiha just sounds right. This would just leave Mikoto Uchiha. I think she should be Minato’s second and final wife. Kushina loves her like a sister so I don’t think she’d mind.
1/31/2018 c21 haleyham92
i love it when is the next chapter?!
1/17/2018 c17 2Black Reaper Shinigami
Anybody else get triggered when Naruto lost against Sakura.
12/16/2017 c20 Johnny blad
When is next chapter?
8/15/2017 c10 Kurama38
Wow you had a good fanfic going on until you had to pull on the Hinata bashing card. I'm sorry but any fanfics that bash Hinata or Sakura is where I draw the line and I abandon the story all together. Now if you had made it to where Naruto and Sakura were froends with Hinata and play matchmaker for Kiba and Hinata then I would continue reading but since you played the bash card this fic is officially done and forgotten.
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