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11/22/2017 c2 29YokaiAngel
2/17/2016 c2 8Snowgem33
Okay, this a great story and all, but your OC (Leigh? Crystal?) annoyed the hell outta me...but that's just me.
Honestly, I tend to not like OC's solely on the fact that about 96% are disguised self-inserts. Plus, I always found Ciel BY FAR more annoying the Elizabeth. (She only acts cutesy because Madam Red told her it'd make Ciel happy-god, that sounds like I'm trying to start an argument. I swear I'm not! Honest to God!) But, like I said before, the story's good; which is far more important than some dumb OC (no insult intended). Keep up the good work!
3/25/2014 c2 2Rosairio
5/20/2013 c2 alexma
please update soon thanks
5/1/2013 c2 QWERTY
Once, you referred to Leigh as Crystal. I'm assuming you did this because Crystal was her original name but you changed after it seemed like a stereotypical Mary Sue name. HOWEVER the use of an OC with a talking part in such a short story mildly bothers me and I think it would be better if you used Grell instead of 'Leigh'. Other than that, nice story.
2/25/2013 c2 6DGtnsl
AWESOME! That was a great line Sebastian. the three were totally unaffected by the dementers and the dementers were loveing on them. The trio just shocks everyone in their behavior: Undertaker as a crazy man trying to catch then dissect a dementer, Leigh begging to have one as a pet, and, last but certainly not least, Sebastian treating the dementers like a common thing to have floating around and actually as a nuisance. I wonder what would have happened if the wizards had found out that Sebastian was a demon. Most probably guessed he wasn't a human, but for it to be confirmed that he is a demon from Hell... Well, you know what that would be like.
I'll think about making something based off of this story, it'd be fun to do I think.
2/25/2013 c1 DGtnsl
Oh ho! So dementers are just pets that learned their dark nature from their masters from Hell? Very intriguing. And what'll come out of that small window to Hell? I wonder if something coming through the window is what prompts the Undertaker and Leigh to show up (them being Grim Reapers and not supposed to interfere with the living and all)
1/7/2013 c2 6AnimeAvarice
I absolutly LOVE this fic!
Please write more crossovers like this!
It was really creative to have Undertaker love the dementors. I seriously could not stop laughing during his parts.
You are a great author and have a knack for fics. I'll make sure to read your other stuff! (For The Record, I love DP too, though not nearly as much as you _)
12/17/2012 c2 Guest
12/1/2012 c2 4bloodinamug
WTF? I was laughing the entire time I was reading this! GREAT JOB.
11/18/2012 c1 Guest
Aw! This is great! I must laughed very hard!
This story is great and the idea, too!

lg Verona-mira
11/14/2012 c2 kareso
Heheh I love it hehehe the undertaker scare the demiture hehe I won't see picture of Leigh
11/14/2012 c1 7Paxloria
In Your second chapter you have a female Death God. I just thought I'd point out that I can't tell if her name is Crystal or Leigh. You kept alternating between them.
11/14/2012 c2 Paxloria
That was pretty good.
might have to come back later and re-read it.
11/13/2012 c1 1RandomAsRainbows
Species: Death god (because I can't spell the other name)
Age: Now, now, never ask a death lady her name

'Shinigami', I think
Name? Don't you mean age?

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