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3/11/2013 c1 The-Girl-Who-Waited42
I cried ... a lot. When I read Ianto's video I had to choke down my sobs. This gave me the feels. It was beautifully written as well. Just ... wow.
3/7/2013 c5 Delwyn
Thank goodness your carrying on with this story. Ahhhh, I don't know whats going to happen but can't wait to find out. Soooo original. More, more, more please.
3/3/2013 c5 Guest
I just stumbled upon this story today, and I must say that half-way through the first chapter I was already completely smitten. This must be, by far, the best Torchwood fanfiction I've ever read-you have a beautiful writing style, and all these original ideas-yum. I'm loving this and I can't wait for more!


Someone who is too lazy to log in...
2/19/2013 c4 Delwyn
Very original. Can't wait to find out what happens next.
2/6/2013 c3 ObsessiveFox
I really like this chapter especially the part with mainframe, you did it well :D
2/6/2013 c4 CalliM
What an interesting story. I hope to read more. Thank you for sharing it with us.
2/6/2013 c2 ObsessiveFox
I loved this chapter as much as the first, again beautifully done.
When the man and the woman appeared I didn't want to hope but then it did turn out to be Tosh and Owen I was elated.
I hope we get answers soon :)
2/5/2013 c1 ObsessiveFox
I loved this but god am a crying. This first chapter was beautifully done and I enjoyed reading every word of it, I look forward to reading the rest.
1/30/2013 c1 12MerlinStar
Lol- I am currently listening to Imagine Dragons- love them! Interesting frst chapter. I'm now going to read the next one imeediately. The cliffhanger literally has me hanging.
1/27/2013 c4 Guest
I love to read a good COE fix-it fic, but there aren't many that are well written or with captivating plots. I'm happy to say that yours is both and I keep trying to figure out the hows and the whys of everything. Steven, Tosh, Owen, how are they involved? How did Ianto go to child to adult (teen?)-fairies, gas, rift some weird combo with Jack... I love that there are still so many questions with vague answers floating around (even after 40 words!), it makes for a good story that keeps the reader involved and interested. I also love how you write the characters, your Ianto voice is the best Ive read in a while. Ill be looking forward to reading more chapters! Ps... also a fan of your Green HP story!
1/26/2013 c4 Guest
can't wait to read the next chapter!
1/26/2013 c4 3ShinobiTwin05
You made Ianto crazy?
That makes sense; the Doctor's crazy, the Master's crazy, River's crazy, all the Doctor's Companions are a bit insane, heck, even Jack's crazy! Seems like once you become immortal (or long-lived) everything gets a bit twisted in perspective. And if you're not immortal and/or long-lived, then being near those who are infects you with their genius insanity!
1/26/2013 c4 Guest
Well I was glad that Ianto got rescued. I'm a bit confused that he hasn't just gone around to Gwen's place like the others did. I really hope he hooks up with them all soon. Or even gone back to his own place.

I think the first half of this chapter needs a warning, it's really nasty, I had to skim read it. I think torture and the gruesome stuff about the fingers could use a warning anyhow, but when the picture is of this being a child, it really added a layer of horrible.

Anyhow I am totally intrigued as to where you are going with it, and really looking forward to the next chapters.
1/26/2013 c4 3ChubbyTabby
This chapter was a tiny bit confusing, but damn if I didn't love it anyway! And the faeries are just awesome - love their interactions with Ianto, it's a bit weird but still somewhat cute- I'm really looking forward to the next chapter!
1/26/2013 c4 5HarriNoodles
Confused... Very confused... I'm not entirely sure what to make of this fic. Some bits really annoy me because they are soooo confusing but then other bits make me laugh of cry and I genuinely love them! I really can't wait for the next chapter, because as much as this story confuses me it also intrigues me... Xxx
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