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for The Ninth Sekirei Pillar

10/2 c51 pigmaniacf3
this was really satisfying to read and well written. I hope your doing good
9/29 c8 Guest
The exaggerated super simp Naruto cowering from all angry females isn't actually funny.
The hanya mask is a cool gag, but you shouldn't have serious conversations about it. Especially not 2 chapters in a row.
9/18 c25 Guest
Ramen is prime chakra?
7/29 c2 tronax22
So much 'random' stuff happens in just the right way to benefit the mc or to meet canon characters, so much of people behaviour is skewed for the same goal... it's just not interesting to read, because author isn't even trying to make it seem believable - in the end mc will too obviously win, and it won't even be by his own effort, but purely caused by plot armor.

7/20 c23 1IchaichaManager
Jesús I hope hinata Not this in the harem
5/22 c11 1RyderPhenex
It seems to me that the author is always ready with their excuses for every criticism made against them. No matter how u criticise them their answer will always be how you didn’t understand how u didn’t pay attention how you’re ‘rather disappointing’ for not noticing something insignificant. It’s always you who are at fault, not the author. It’s almost as if the author is arrogant and delusional? But that can’t be right, can it? I mean it’s always us who are at wrong.

PS: By the way u can simply ignore this review of your character by labelling it as a flame. So that way you can still continue to believe in yourself
5/21 c13 Paradoxity
Man, 7 years after reading this story, rereading this part of the story STILL makes me cry, and I can count the fics that made me cry on one hand ffs. Naruto had suffered so much up to this point, to see him lose another person, by his hand no less, ESPECIALLY when its a person like Musubi, made me want to break my hand against a wall in fustration.
You nailed it.
2/19 c1 Seud
Naruto’s reaction to his fiancé’s death left me feeling very... underwhelmed. Very stale way of having people experience anger for the main character.
2/6 c22 TheHaremKing69
I like this story... You may give it a try to read..
1/30 c2 15MacMan3679
Is Hanabi going to be an Ashikabi too, it could put a real kink in their relationship if she couldn't wing her own Sekirei. That way she will understand what having a Sekirei means.
1/9 c13 Ricee
NVM lost interest since my last comment
1/9 c10 Ricee
I'm going to keep reading, but I really don't want to. as soon as they mentioned the sharingan my interest kinda died a little
1/9 c2 Ricee
I'll be straight with you, I knew it was either hanabi or Hinata, just from the sister comment, but there's no point of making us wait if you just tell us in the next chapter
12/13/2020 c16 Guest
Independent clones. Such an annoying thing in the few Naruto fics that does it.
12/10/2020 c6 Tryson
Believe it or not a lot of Americans would agree with you so no offense taken
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