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8/2/2018 c5 10kaoruca
I also think Ed's hatred will fade away eventually. Quite in character. Thank you for sharing
8/2/2018 c3 kaoruca
All the feelings must have been beyond overwhelming to him, after so many years feeling nothing. I can't even imagine all those responses flooding over him, going rampant through his body. And I don't think Ed gave a damn about giving up alchemy either.
8/2/2018 c2 kaoruca
More sweet than bitter here, but a little bittersweet anyway. Lovely picture.
8/2/2018 c1 kaoruca
Hahaha, keep "dreaming", young man. Nice
9/24/2014 c1 2LethargicLuck
It had a very good feeling, you had me worried there with Ed turning so quickly to the idea of Winry's death. Made me do a quick re-read to see if I had missed anything!

I think that you captured the essence of hopelessness perfectly. In scenarios where someone you care about is struggling and all you can do is sit on the sidelines, the emotions that come bubbling forth are enough to forgive the slight OOC of Edward being so uncharacteristically thinking of the worst case scenario.
10/18/2013 c1 10Sokkasm
Aw, fluffy!

This was fantastic for a first FMA fanfic! I think you captured the emotions in a correct and believable way.

William is a fine name, and I don't think it is cliched. Lots of authors use the names of dead people the characters know, which bugs me. Unless it's a middle name, which is what you have done.

The reaction Ed had to being told to nurse his son was priceless!
4/11/2013 c3 30Coffeedrinkinmoonmom
Bittersweet i love it. I love the conversations between Ed and Al. I think you right very well.
4/11/2013 c2 Coffeedrinkinmoonmom
I love Izumi and Sig and understandable kids were scared of her. i would be too. i loved this one too.
4/9/2013 c1 Coffeedrinkinmoonmom
I'm a true Edwin fan also and i think it's EXCELLENT! i can't wait to read the next two. I'm so glad you reviewed on mine so i could read THIS! LOOOOOVE IIIIT!
1/10/2013 c1 MarcellaDuchamp
what a great winry-in-labor story! poor ed
11/14/2012 c3 22BuggyNess
You have nothing to be afraid of, these first three chapters were wonderful. Ch1 especially had me emotional, so good job!
11/14/2012 c3 44caynaise
Aww, that was really sweet! I think Ed sacrificing his ability to use alchemy really was for the best. Keep writing! XD
11/14/2012 c3 9jaclynkaileigh
I agree I don't think Ed would have regretted trading in his Alchemy for Al not once. I think he would miss being able to use it sometimes but never regret not having it. I also love that you made Al so true to character. I know Al would go through this same thought process.
11/14/2012 c2 jaclynkaileigh
That was awesome, I agree everyone should be fortunate enough to really spend time with their grandparents, I don't know what I would do without mine. Relatable and bittersweet.
11/14/2012 c1 jaclynkaileigh
HEY! I think this was a great start personally! Very descriptive, I was teary eyed while reading Ed's guilt through your words. This is well worded and it is so nice to read a story where the author can spell things correctly. Not that one or two flub ups isn't to be expected of course but honestly I think you did a great job with Full Circle. On to the next!

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