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7/5/2013 c9 2CharNinja LOL
They almost got caught, you have me on the edge of my seat
7/5/2013 c9 13Getsuga TENSHOU 15
Well they're doing well so far to keep it a secret :) they are very sneaky! And n'aww even though Ichi-chan is an older man is this, I still imagine him as the little fresh-faced cutesy teenage Ichigo we all know and love
5/29/2013 c8 2CharNinja LOL
I hope Sora doesn't murder Ichigo went he finds out , and yea I mean dropping out of school
5/26/2013 c8 nypsy
glad ichi was able to not let booze allow him to cheat, as so many folks do then use the alcohol as excuse for bad behavior. also, of course am happy his main ichi self took control again before he could really hurt ori. i'm still hoping that all the alters bond with ori, maybe b/c she will continue to show love, kindness & compassion when the darker selves take over while still trying to "talk him down" from dangerous behavior. the outright violence/aggression & lack of friendship & kindness from others his whole childhood is what seems to have caused the spits initially, based on your earlier chap so that's why i'm making guess about opposite behavior helping to cure him down the line (or minimize disorder-not sure if you really totally cure DID for life, given even depression, as common as it is & as many treatments as there are, can still recur years later once you have an episode).

thx for having renji be a good guy, both in being protective of his surrogate little sister & in keeping ichi's secret from sora when he sees its not just about getting laid. hopefully true love will conquer all.
5/26/2013 c7 nypsy
missed this update. happy to see yoruichi added to the mix-she's strong enough to handle his alter when he surfaces in therapy, i bet. also like they are doing normal couple/friend activities given normalcy is something that could be super-beneficial for ichi's progress (if he was real) after being away from traditional normalcy a long time. while being himself, its nice how centered & stable he's written, personality-wise. it makes such a nice contrast to when his alter self takes over. i'd love for all his personas to have their bond with ori as the binding theme-it could be the thing that eventually is used as the tool to unify the personalities.
5/23/2013 c7 5vidrocity
This is quite hilarious for me, finding out that Ichigo's dark side is named Taka.
Reason being, my Japanese friend's name is Taka and we literally call him 'Dark Boy.'
I'm very intrigued with Ichigo's condition, btw. I also like that you've extended your chapter's length.
5/22/2013 c7 2CharNinja LOL
Orihime needs to tell Sora the truth soon before he finds out and it gets worse
5/20/2013 c7 2LonelyHollow117
Like this story a lot and the whole different personalities thing is really cool to me. Can't wait to read the next chapter!
3/31/2013 c6 3maxfightingkari
hmm i don't know it just seems dry how about u add more TAKA!
1/8/2013 c6 nypsy
am so glad you had ichi showing restraint with ori. its showing appropriate self-control given his age, compared to ori's character, for whom everything is brand new & her young age comes with more impulsiveness. given none of his alters took over, i wonder if he's gonna show more stability & progress when he is with her/thanks to her influence & his bond to her. nell i normally like, but she was annoyingly dense here. renji's moment of brother-substitute was cute.
1/8/2013 c6 2CharNinja LOL
She can't cry just because he hugged another girl now kissing that's something to cry about
1/1/2013 c5 nypsy
renji in big bro/protector mode was cute, not wanting ichi to speak rudely to her & later nipping another argument at her request rather than indulging in the idiotic testosterone fest so common amongst men. witnessed one of these dumb "whose the bigger badass" arguments amongst 2 strangers just last week. just catching each other's eye while the one on foot was going to cross street while the male in car was paused mid-turn in the cross-walk led to a dumber than dumb "what" "what" back & forth yelled by each of the men, which further escalated into the rhetoric of egging on a physical fight. so, i can believe these two red-headed hot-heads would just try to out-aggress each other, especially if the more aggressive alter is in charge at the moment. can't wait for the date!
12/30/2012 c5 CharNinja LOL
Then they make out in the end cliffhanger can't wait for the next chappie
12/30/2012 c5 8xSeireiHime
Hehe I loved this chapter! hey is their gonna be any lemons? I know I'm a perv. So I'm guessing when Ichigo and Orihime are fucking Taka is gonna take over, and hollow takes over when he sees someone hurting Orihime. I'm guessing XD please update soon!
12/22/2012 c4 13Getsuga TENSHOU 15
I love the take you've gone down with this story, and god Taka is so arrogant xD I feel bad for Ichigo though having his alters return after all that time, but Hime is pretty attractive :3 good work with it so far, I hope you continue
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