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10/8 c21 aesir21
I really like this story and I wish you would write a sequel about their lives and how they are going parallel to canon or etc. thank you
2/23 c13 GlassMazeGazer
I’m guessing tomorrow won’t go as smoothly as he’d like. Do we ever find out why Mercy can’t be glamoured? She’s not showing special abilities so it’s a curious trait.
2/23 c10 GlassMazeGazer
Hm. I hope this means we’re getting close to an explanation for what changed with Godric so much that he decided to meet the sun.
2/23 c9 GlassMazeGazer
Love the Casper reference.

Not surprised that Eric crawled in bed with them, but touching her hair enough to have his fingers still tangled in it while resting is a curious detail. It leaves me wondering why he would be touching her hair at all. Maybe thinking of ‘his’ missing Sookie? On the resting/sleeping topic for Godric & Eric, I am bothered a bit with the timing represented in the story. Canon would have Godric waking earlier and going to rest later than Eric because he’s so much older. In this story though, more than once, we’re seeing Eric’s sleep timing be that of the elder vampire.

I’m sure it’s for more of a storytelling reason than a legal reason, but it’s hard not to wish she didn’t blow Newlin’s head off with the shotgun. I know it’s all kinds of wrong on my part to think that way, but he’s just so hate-able! It was satisfying that she at least scared him with firing the gun though.
2/23 c8 GlassMazeGazer
I like the subtlety in the hints that Godric’s memories are returning — Isabel seeming familiar, but not knowing her and remembering details around Eric’s turning. I’m not sure if the irony of Eric pressing Godric to let it go & not worry about 1000 years of memories missing is intentional or not since this is a TB fic. In SVM, Eric gets seriously flipped out after his amnesia time when he can’t recall the week he spent with Sookie. Either way, it adds good texture for those who’ve both watched TB and read SVM.

The reveal of Mercy’s reason for never having sex with Godric before was satisfying & believable, although I’m pretty sure they could have been having sex all along while adequately faking that they weren’t to the outside world as long as he understood the reasons. I’m eager for his memories to return to see if he understood it all at the time.

The slapping thing bugs me even though I know it fits with a Sookie character’s behavior as well. Physical violence — even slapping someone she couldn’t physically hurt — is never acceptable except when trying to defend against violence being perpetrated on you. It’s a stereotypical chick move in films & stories, but if *anyone* strikes another person they should expect to be hit in return. We expect males to refrain from hitting females, but if the female starts it, she’s begging to be smacked.
2/23 c7 GlassMazeGazer
Unless this story is meant to be a big variance from TB, I don’t get why Eric is so confused by Godric’s attachment to Mercy. By this point in the TV series, Eric was already pretty well obsessed with Sookie so understanding why Godric is obsessed with a human shouldn’t be any stretch of his imagination. In an earlier chapter he mentioned that Sookie has been gone for months. I’m assuming this is the time she was in Faery. During that time, Eric was supposed to have searched relentlessly for Sookie & purchased her house & renovated it. Seems like the same sort of ‘obsession’ Godric is showing for Mercy.
2/22 c4 GlassMazeGazer
I assume it will be revealed as the story unfolds, but it’s frustrating, four chapters in, that there’s not even a hint as to how or why Mercedes was involved with Godric for ten years, exchanging blood but not sex, technically considered as his wife by vampire traditions, and she still refers to him as a ‘kid.’ Outwardly, it’s as if they were only acquaintances, but she clearly cared for him & does again. I understand why it would seem safer to send him away from Dallas, but I really don’t understand her aloofness. It’s the same contradictory & mixed messages we usually see in a Sookie character, but without the bitchy, nasty shrieking of a Sookie.

The Godric of True Blood wouldn’t have been one to have forced her into blood exchanges if she didn’t want it. She was clearly attracted to him, based on the fact that she decided to ‘stop denying herself’ when he wanted to have sex after re-appearing, but then why shove him away the very next day (personally distancing, not the wanting him in Shreveport for his safety)? She knew he was 2000 years old & was the area Sheriff so the repeated ‘kid’ reference doesn’t make sense long-term since she apparently respected him. She seems more respectful of Isabel than of Godric at this point. Even without his memories that doesn’t make sense.

Also, just a side question: She mentioned Eric being put out at her not falling at his feet when they met. Why would Eric expect a response like that from his Maker’s human? That seems like a level of disrespect to Godric that is out of character for Eric.
2/22 c2 GlassMazeGazer
Checking for breathing, a pulse, then doing CPR on a vampire. A nice bit of humorous imagery following the depressing opening paragraphs.
2/22 c1 GlassMazeGazer
Refreshing alternative to the standard types of SVM/TB stories. I’m intrigued.
7/21/2018 c21 3murgatroid-98
A perfect punishment for Steve Newlin. I would love to know more about the vampire turning him and why. Steve could be in for a whole new load of misery, or they could destroy his attitude with kindness. So sad about Ethan. That he loved his sister enough to sacrifice his life for her says a lot for his character. I was sad for Godric worrying that his love would kill herself. Initial grief can be overwhelming. Fortunately, she has much to live for. Now I need to read the story again because I have forgotten a lot of things. Thank you for a wonderful story.
7/20/2018 c21 anonymouscsifan
Aww! Glad Mercy and Godric are kinda having a happy ever after- I felt so bad for her when she lost her brother- but she has her niece, hence she still has a part of him. Turning Steve was a fitting punishment, he will become what he hates. Thanks for sharing!
4/17/2018 c1 Fallon
I've been looking for this fic! I've been wanting to read it for a while & after digging through my bookmarks I've found it :D Time for a reread.

I love Mercy & Godric's interaction while he has amnesia. Its so adorable.
1/29/2018 c20 OneWhoReadsTooMuch
I absolutely love this story and Mercedes as a person. It's refreshing to read a story where even though Mercedes and Godric do truly care for each other that doesn't mean she was ready to become a vampire. Or really had any true desire to become a vampire. Also I have to say I really enjoy Godric's personality through out his past and present encounters with Mercedes. He did his best to respect her wishes before his first 'true death' is pretty on point for his personality during that time. Even now with her being a vampire he's still trying his best to respect her wishes while also giving into his more selfish desires now that he can.
12/7/2017 c20 Guest
Great chapter.
11/27/2017 c20 8kykyxstandler
I love how possessive she was when confronted with Celine
now I really hope she'll publically claim Godric since he would like it
can't wait to read more
this is AMAZING
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