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for Hell's Rain

4/11/2021 c9 Guest
I pose a major issue with the fact that Katara didn’t seem to be phased after the near rape with Zuko. There was no depiction of her really experiencing some kind of trauma after that incident and it’s so unrealistic. Not accurate or appropriate at all.
3/21/2021 c35 6Crystal heart 255
This made me cry so much! Happy tears! Very very very very very happy tears
1/5/2021 c5 1Lunarwolf2622
This fanfic is GREAT! but just one thing to point out, If Aang knew Katara was captured, he wouldn't hesitate to go all avatar state and kill anyone on the premises. Ya know...
But other than that, THIS IS BOOTIFUL, I'm definitely favoriting this one.
11/18/2020 c1 taeyanglover
AHMAZING *chef’s kiss* the sex scenes were honestly perfect in my opinion ️
6/7/2020 c35 Crystal Dragon
This was a great story! its sad that GranGran and her dad weren't there for the wedding but I loved how you described everything
5/20/2020 c1 Emersonthedragon
Are they going to sell the necklace?
4/5/2020 c28 Yo Mama
I was kinda hoping for idk, zuko to petray aang with that letter, but katara goes along with him? idk but the things already finished do o well. YOU HAVE DONE GREAT THO!
6/18/2019 c35 Guest
I loved every minute of it!
3/27/2019 c35 iPod reader
That was the shortest engagement ever! Lol I read this story twice before and it's still one of my faves.
5/15/2018 c30 Guest
Zuko Sokka in hand-to-hand combat and sword fighting
4/15/2018 c35 7DragonFairy777
Love this story from beginning to end. It's nice to see someone who is creative and has good writing skills. This only part that confused me was the end with the wedding. What if Katara had said no( she wouldn't have but you get my point) then everyone who had expected the wedding would be disappointed and it would have been awkward. Besides that I love this story.
3/17/2018 c1 adalarios.7
3/2/2018 c27 KitKat24687
I'm just concerned about the fact this not safe sex! Katara you dare devil lol I'm just cringing over here like dude at least pull out and be a gentleman ;)
12/12/2017 c35 3Dishon 3
Overall great story with an great ending thank you for writing this! It’s been a pleasure reading it
12/12/2017 c29 Dishon 3
This Boiling Rock plan went much smoother than the original
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