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for Shadow Hearts III: Spread My Wings

12/15/2012 c2 HeartlessTitania
A pleasant read, as always! Your bonus was great too. Your Johnny and Shania are so in character and the writing's always flowing with you. Love it. Keep writing! (:
12/14/2012 c2 18Brain Freak
I always enjoy you're little drabbles. You perfectly managed to display so much about Johnny and Shania in just a few short sentences. Like I said before, you always seem to have knack when it comes to writing those two.
12/13/2012 c2 7Frosty Wolf
Nice, though I'm not sure that picture messaging was available back then. Otherwise, an enjoyable read. I look forward to your next story.
11/16/2012 c1 HeartlessTitania
Well this was cute, steamy, and hilarious. Johnny going to the bookcase to look up information about a date was adorable, and my fav part, so was the towel's really pretty lol. Can't wait to read the other half!
11/15/2012 c1 Frosty Wolf
You work fast, color me impressed. I look forward to the other half of the story.

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