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1/14 c33 Guest
sweet story
10/21/2020 c5 BrittanaAus
Loving this story
10/1/2020 c33 Guest
Your work is a gem! Please continue writing so i can still witness your genious mind -
9/30/2020 c18 Guest
FINALLY! theyre lips totally locked in
9/27/2020 c33 Mimsd123
Love it! About to read the sequel
9/9/2020 c33 MW1212
Just finished this, so excited to start on the next one! Great fic !
9/4/2020 c8 randomperson
8/23/2020 c14 Guest
Oh, man. What makes your stories 10x better than others is that you take your time to develop the character’s relationship, and you add obstacles that they face to make it more realistic, while others let the characters kiss in the second chapter lol.
8/8/2020 c33 Emptyspiral27
Amazing read. I loved this so much.
8/6/2020 c12 gleeek-2006
I'm loving the story so far- I like that you did Brittany's POV; a lot of fanfictions I read are Santana's POV, so it's a nice change! Even in 2020, there are still people who ship Brittana..
4/2/2017 c33 1J4N1N3
omg this is awesome I cried bc the end of that one was just too cute, I know I will love the next two storys of that trilogy! love your writing! xo
1/25/2017 c30 Guest
I hate quinn. She needs to learn to stfu and back off! theres protectiveness of her best friend but then there's just sticking your stinky ass nose into someone else's relationship where it dont belong. theres a limit and quinn is just going way past that. annoying bitch. focus on your own relationship and daughter.
1/8/2017 c9 1Prettygleekbitch
1/7/2017 c1 Prettygleekbitch
So adorable
8/5/2016 c29 Guest
hmph, quinn needs to stfu, and keep her nose outta ppl's relationships. shes a hypocrite and she doesnt know anything. Like mind yo own damn business
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