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1/7/2013 c33 14Quest
soooo great! I can't wait for the sequel :D
1/7/2013 c33 franzih24
Favorite Fanfic ever! I cannot wait for the sequel! So so awesome
1/7/2013 c33 35XenaLin
I'm like in love with this story. I don't say that often. Only one time before. Perfect last chapter.
I was looking forward to each update like crazy and was almost squeeling everytime I saw one. Yes, I'm that sad lol. Amazing story. Very sweet and all kinds of cute and fuzzy, cuddly things.
Thanks for writing this ) Mended my poor Brittana heart a little bit.

Can't wait for the sequel. *looking forward to it like crazy*
1/7/2013 c33 MStaerkebye
Omg, I'm crying right now! This was so PERFECT! Thank God you made Santana propose, and the w.. no, sorry - I AM SPEECHLESS! Dear God and Jesus Christ, PLEASE write a sequel, you would seriously make 2013 so special for Brittana-fans, especially after that shit the writers are putting us through!

And girlfriend, with that ending, your fanfiction just earned the 1st place on my "Top 10 Brittana Fanfics"! So long 2859, Coffee Breaks is DA SHIT!
1/7/2013 c33 Lucy44
Thanks for this lovely fic...I really enjoy it...it was great...looking fw for the sequel...take care...
1/7/2013 c33 aLL4LeynA
Le sigh. The perfect ending to the prefect beginning :-) can't wait for the sequel. I'm like kinda fangirling over the fact that you went with my title suggestion, not gonna lie. Haha ;-)
1/7/2013 c33 ML
Love this story so much!
Thanks for sharing, can't wait for the sequel :)
1/7/2013 c33 fanfromnorway
I began reading this story five days ago, the first 31 chapters took me five hours to read. It got me totaly hooked. And now the the story is ending, time to come out of the coffee break-land. A littlebit sad, but a perfect story richer. Please dont stop writing.
1/7/2013 c33 Alex
Ahhhhhh! Freaking love it! It ended so well & u choose the perfect song ! Can't wait for The Perfect Blend (_)

Thank You!
1/7/2013 c33 AB
Awww! This is the best update ever. Brooke is gone, Santana finally gets enough courage to be more experimental with Britt, and Bella is a little sneak, and they are engaged! I had a feeling where it is going when everyone starts being secretive, and Santana starts to sing to Britt in front of everyone. At first I thought Santana picks out the same engagement ring Britt is looking at, but it turns out to be all a part of Santana's plan. Sneaky on all of their parts. I love the studio Santana builds for Britt. Like Kurt says, who knew Santana could be so whipped. This whole story is so brilliant and well-developed. I look forward to the sequel.
1/7/2013 c33 srh
awwww final chapter already... but looking forward for the sequel! anyways, just wanted to say thanks for the awesome story you made! really enjoyed reading it each time! you should totally make another one.. kidding! I've become such a fan for you! btw, have an awesome 2013 too!
1/6/2013 c33 Guest
Another wonderful update and great ending! Can't wait for the sequel :D
1/6/2013 c33 Guest
Yaaaay! Heather got her kiss! Amazing chapter. Loved it.
1/6/2013 c33 Guest
you are really such a talented writer! I can't believe how amazing this fic is... every time re-read it (and trust me, I've re-read it a lot of times) it just seems be so much better than the last time! I truly can't for this sequel but until then, I can't wait to see whats in store for Workin' Girls!
1/6/2013 c33 D
I enjoyed this fic! Looking forward to the sequel! Thanks!
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