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1/5/2013 c32 Bill
wow... one more chapter! nooooo... :) i am surprised how protective Quinn might be... wow... whats wrong with San's family? i hate Brooke... but i bet Brooke is freaking hawt!

i just hope San & Britt move in together! can't wait for sequel & love ya!
1/4/2013 c32 AB
I LOVE it! They have fallen so hard. I hope Santana will become comfortable enough to tell Britt about her parents someday. Bella is so cute and protective in this chapter, and Brooke deserves to be kicked in the shin. No one messes with her mommy. LOL!
1/4/2013 c32 FEFE21
Awesome chapter as always! Wondering why britts in trouble tho, looking forward to the last chapter!

So the sequel,
well I would like for Britt to show San all the awesome sex she has been missing (a)
jealous Santana might be interesting too, but I bet she's very sensitive/insecure about that stuff because of Brooke(so nothing too bad!:p cuz I don't want a sad san)
I wanna now more about her parents(Santana's)! Very curious about them.
Britts work too ofc, (now with San)
Some epic love, proposal maby? (Too soon? Dunno)

Too much? Hihi :$

I'm gonna love the sequel anyway, cuz u are such a good writer! Thanks for writing such a good story!
1/4/2013 c32 snixxwanky
I agree at some point of SoGleekedUp1687 's review, 'maybe some jealous Santana but not to the point where its damaging to the relationship of course'. So far we only see Britt's jealous. So its not hurt to see a little jealous from San. Anyway cant wait for the next chpter and sequel!
1/4/2013 c32 silvermist92
good chapter. i like the set up for future chapters
1/4/2013 c32 SoGleekedUp1687
The sequel has to have like an epic wedding please. Being the great writer you are I'm quite sure it will be and also Britt working at Snixxjuice could be interesting to lol maybe some jealous Santana but not to the point where its damaging to the relationship of course. Children should be in the sequel to cause I would love to see Bella interact with their kid or kids. Great update and can't wait for the sequel ugh I love your writing.
1/4/2013 c32 Glee4ever123
Loved it like always
1/4/2013 c32 KNYC13
This chapter was perfection. I cannot freaking wait for the sequel. You're an amazing writer and this is an amazing story. I wish it wasn't ending :( job well done though! :)
1/4/2013 c32 naynay1963
Oh yeah Britts in trouble and she needs to teach Santana how to pleasure her in the same way. So what's the big deal with her parents. And does she want her to choreograph the up and comer cuz it'll look better to her parents in effect saying she was embarrassed by what Brittany did before or was she really trying to help her. Another great chapter. Looking forward to the sequel and Working girls coming back.
1/4/2013 c32 nayalove
Can't wait for the sequel :) and why would Brittany be in trouble for that ?
1/4/2013 c32 xAngeloftheNorthx
Oh Wow.. That was HOT! San has never had oral sex, shower sex or car sex?! Now way! Glad Britt will be her first in those departments ;-)

And I'm glad Britt left dinner and didnt pressure Santana into telling about her parents.. I do wonder what's going on with her parents though.. :/

Oh My God! Britt's gonna work for Snixxjuice! And she's gonna be awesome and successful! :D

Britt and San are so amazingly perfect together! And they said their 'I love you's'!
I don't want this story to end! :'(

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx
1/4/2013 c32 hausofgaga13
Wait! In trouble? Why in trouble?
1/4/2013 c32 Spencer007
Love how this chapter turned out! Please update tomorrow! Please update!(:
1/4/2013 c32 luceroadorada
Great chapter :D
1/4/2013 c32 franzih24
This is so amazing! Can't wait for the sequel! Basically I'd like to read more about sans past , her parents and like her past in general (school and all)
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