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1/3/2013 c32 M206
Lol: "my new favorite thing or something!" and "So hospitable, you should really work in hotel management."

I LOVE the sexy times! Can't wait for more:)
1/3/2013 c32 KeepUpOrSTFU
Really cute chapter. I fucking hate Brooke! I hope she's out of their lives for good! I wonder what's up with Santana's parents... Love this story! Can't wait for the next chapter and the sequel (really excited for it)
1/2/2013 c31 Alex
super sweet! :) need more sexy times!
1/2/2013 c31 xAngeloftheNorthx
Awwwww poor Bella! Stupid Paparazzi! :( I'm glad Britt and San managed to cheer her up! That was so ADORABLE! :D
Damn.. that shower sex was hot! I hope they'll do the whole 'I love you' thingy soon :)

And I hope Brooke won't be a bitch and the dinner won't be awful.. ;)

1/1/2013 c31 silvermist92
really good chapter, i like the way the relationships are forming
1/1/2013 c31 lele34110
1/1/2013 c31 Glee4ever123
Another great chapter. I can't wait for the dinner and the sequel! Idk why but I love the paparazzi I think they should a tv interview or something.
1/1/2013 c30 sheashoeaddict
I just I can't this story is just pure genius 3 a lil more sexy times would be nice ;) will be sticking around for the sequel
1/1/2013 c31 6HeyasSecretLove
Ahhh love this so much
12/31/2012 c31 8Sammy McCallister
I love this! I swear, I almost started a count on how many times Santana said "Wanky". Each and every time it was appropriate though. Can't wait for you to update.
12/31/2012 c31 BrittzTana
I don't know if you've noticed but in both of your stories, somehow it's always Britt pleasuring Santana or its Britt pleasuring Santana first... Lol... Santana is probably the whipped one but like I thought she would be the one to dominant sometimes and wanting to pleasure Britt first.. Idk... Lol
12/31/2012 c31 naynay1963
Hmmm. Dinner with Brooke has disaster written all over it.
Now why doesn't San want Britt going down south on her. 1. Its too intimate. 2. San is cheating on her. 3. Its because they haven't said I love you. 4. She has a STD. I hope they completely work their shit out soon and get on the same page. Any slight wavers by San and Britt should be gone.
Another great chapter. Looking forward to Working Girls coming back and the sequel.
12/31/2012 c31 FF
I don't think Brooke will be nice at the dinner, won't she?
I seriously think that she will upset Brittany and Brittany will be sad...
12/31/2012 c31 Guest
12/31/2012 c31 r e l
Loved it so much!
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