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11/25/2012 c9 Blueskkies
omg, I didn't see that coming. it's getting good.
11/25/2012 c8 Blueskkies
this was such a fun chapter :-)
11/25/2012 c9 RTGleek
As someone said, I love the fact that this story isn't rushed and Brittany and Santana don't get together super fast..but it would be cool to see more more involvement between the two, the kind flirtations way, like when Santana said "Lucky me" when she found out that Quinn is not Brittany's partner. I loved that moment. I know Santana loves Brooke but she clearly has some interest in Brittany too, and she knows that Brooke isn't a saint, so.. ;-) I love your story, love your writting. xx
11/25/2012 c4 Blueskkies
Quinn is allot of fun in this story.
11/25/2012 c3 Blueskkies
Brittany is too cute
11/25/2012 c9 1kccharmedfan101
I. Love. This. Story!

I knew it! Of course it's Brooke!

I can't wait to see what happens!
11/25/2012 c9 1BaconIsLoveBaconIsLife
Woah! Watch out! THERE'S A TWIST! Haha great job with everything, keep it up :)
11/25/2012 c2 Blueskkies
mini Q is adorable.
11/23/2012 c7 Jane
your santana is really really annoying, hate when a character behaves like that (and people in general too) and I was suppose to be cheering for them. I thought this was going to be light like workin girls, guess not. and i miss your comments.
11/23/2012 c7 Guest
Santana really needs to get her shit in place and realize that the only person willing to put up with her and love her at the same time is Britt and really needs Brooke outz. Love the fic, and yay long chapters! :)
11/23/2012 c7 Disa
I was cringing in the last chapter with that love crap, but now I'm disliking Santana for her behavior. First time in a story that I don't like Santana and she's usually my favorite character. This brooke person and Santana's behavior is ruining the story for me, sorry that's just my opinion. I didn't mean to be rude. :) Good luck with this, in the meanwhile I will wait for workin girls next update.
11/25/2012 c9 XxxPrettyLittleLiarsLoverxxX
I did not see that coming what so ever!
Eeeepp im really really excited for what happens next!
Haha im fangirling so hard right now
11/25/2012 c9 brittana-is-wanky21
Shit is about to go down in the next chapter! Britt better give Brooke a piece of her mind
11/25/2012 c9 courtneynr15
I KNEW IT! I KNEW tht mystery girl was Brooke! stupid bitch treatin Santana so wrong... smh
11/25/2012 c8 snixxwanky
Oh wait, better yet, why dont Britt and Brooke hook up? Thats gonna be hot. Let San lose both of them. Ha! Thats what she got when at first try to flirt with Britt and then give her hope but she just want to be friends but kept talking about another woman with Britt and still in love with you-know-who. I know, I am so evil *evil laugh*
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