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2/13/2013 c33 5PikiBear
this story is so awesome, i just found it yesturday :-)
2/7/2013 c33 1kittykatkiki
Probably the best Brittana fanfiction I have ever read. Thank you so much for writing this. You're a very talented author :) Bella is such a little cutie. I imagine her as the mini Quinn from that Glee episode when Mr. Schue got sick and the entire glee club were little kids :D Again, AMAZING STORY! 3
2/2/2013 c33 chichimerah
Best fanfiction ever! I just finished read the whole chapter. I really love it and I fall in love with your storyline.. Good combination with Quinntana, Brittanela..
And I just a little dissepointed about the last chapter. Coz you make it shot every story.. I want to see San reaction when Britt give her the neclace.. But it okay.. I will continue read the squel anyway..
Can wait to see what gonna happen next.. ()
2/1/2013 c33 Guest
ohmygod. i just started reading this story a couple of days ago and couldnt stop! this story is so amazing and you're a great writer! i cant wait to start the sequel
2/1/2013 c33 xxKOEMI-CHANxx
Very cute! Loved the Britt and Quinn friendship, and Bella was adorable! I think you did a great job of writing the Quinntana interactions. Their back and forth banter was perfect! Awesome job!
1/30/2013 c29 28mick3y92
OkayI had to stop reading for a sec because Quinn really pissed me off like made me beyond angry First off she had no right to go off on Santana at the diner in the first place and then to add insult to injury wants to hold a grudge against her for something she caused She berated Santana for not handling things with Brooke the way she thought she should be and when Santana decides to do that and Brittany gets caught in the cross fire she wants to get all upset If she ain't say shit in the first place Santana and Brittany would have worked it out in a way that wouldn't have caused so many problems She has no right to yell at Santana when she ran away from her problems for four years and didn't even plan on fixing it until Puck popped back into her life Yeah Santana might have been a little withdrawn for a couple of days but that has nothing on Quinn She needs to stay in her lane And I hate that Santana feels like she can't say anything because Quinn is Brittany's friend I'm glad she finally said something but I still feel like she's all nervous She shouldn't have to prove herself to Quinn Sorry about the rant but I hate how it's always Santana who's in the wrong in situations like this
1/30/2013 c8 Guest
Cutest scene ever! I love Bella! 3
1/29/2013 c9 Aimsters33
High fives all around! I knew it was brooke as soon as she walked in
1/27/2013 c4 mick3y92
It's kinda funny that you said Brooke is cheating with some chick who works at a bakery shop since Santana has a thing for a barista Anyway i'm loving this fic Santana and Brittany are so freakin cute I feel bad for San though dealing with some cheatin ass hoe Brittany needs to put her game into action soon and get her number
1/19/2013 c33 Guest
I couldn't put this story down once I started. The development of the relationship was a good pace. I really love the relationship between Quinn, Brittany and Bella and how Santana was able to fit right in immediately. The surprise proposal was fantastic! Can't wait to read the sequel!
1/19/2013 c33 Guest
This is such a very superb story! It's so amazing that I didn't stop reading 'till I reached the end! Very well done! I definitely liked your writing. I can't believe how this story made me feel my love for Brittana. And as we all know canon sucks right now, I can always count on the fanfics to cheer me up. And this particular story really made my day! So, thanks! And I'm so looking forward for the sequel! Awesome! XO
1/17/2013 c33 andre2514
It was so good!
1/17/2013 c33 Guest
Wow. This story was really amazing! There wasn't one part I didn't absolutely love! You are really talented, thank you for putting your time and effort into writing this PHENOMINAL story! :)
1/16/2013 c33 divabr
Great, great story! Well writen, well handled, made me lose 2 whole days reading nonstop! Now I need more! )
Great job, keep on writting and we'll keep on reading ;)
1/16/2013 c32 RedNoseReeindder
'' Brooke broke '' LOL
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