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5/9 c1 whorefornaya
I read this on wattpad but they changed the characters based on their fandom and I always loved it and it was the reason for my fanfiction addiction, so to find out it was copied from this book, specifically a brittana ff, is just like.. wow. When they said brittana is the reason to a lot of wlw we see today, they were right. like even the fans are amazing. I love your story so much and don’t worry the other person took the story down because you deserve all the credit for this genius plot
5/9 c9 Guest
Literally each chapter gets better and better!
5/7 c8 Guest
Wow! Sooo hottt! Feels torturous to read when there's no true ending, but I can't put this story down! You're a wonderful writer!
5/7 c8 Guest
Soo hottt! Feels torturous to read knowing there is no true ending. Can't put this story down, you're a wonderful writer!
5/7 c7 Guest
Just stumbled across this thanks to an insta account that highlights great Brittana stories! I'm loving this! Heard it isn't finished but worth reading anyhow... any chance you can complete it?
4/25 c18 MC257
So well written. Such a shame it’s unfinished
4/4 c18 Guest
Wish you’d finished
3/29 c18 Buffycl
wow this fanfic was really good ... sad that is not finished. It was really building up to something and now I have so many questions without answers. Even if it is not finished it was worth the read. You really did a good job, kudos!
3/6 c18 brittanaforever26
PLEASE finish this its so good.
2/14 c18 j
this is my first time reading this and it’s so good! so sad it’s not completed :( i wish you could come back to finish it ;/
1/18 c18 Guest
i hope one day you come back and finish this :( i’ve read it so many times now.
1/1 c1 Lima.Heigts.Adjacent
Such a good story!
I’ve read it for the third time i think?
12/30/2020 c13 siwon666
HAHA there's a lot of hilarious bits! I'm enjoying this horny and funny adventure so much.
12/29/2020 c6 siwon666
All these wet talks make me wet
12/29/2020 c3 siwon666
Santana is so hopeless I'm grinning like crazy
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