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12/29/2020 c6 siwon666
All these wet talks make me wet
12/29/2020 c3 siwon666
Santana is so hopeless I'm grinning like crazy
12/12/2020 c18 7Brittana3
7 years...
11/8/2020 c18 Heyafan
How is this not finished!? Please come back
10/10/2020 c18 bSpL
aaaaa nãoo, por favor continua. Sua escrita é perfeita, sua história é perfeita, eu realmente preciso de atualização, eu sei que já se passaram anos, mas ainda assim. Espero que nada tenha acontecido ao escritor. Estou tentando ter esperanças de que essa história perfeita continue, embora eu saiba que é improvável
10/9/2020 c18 Emptyspiral27
This story is everything! The way its written is amazing. I really really hope that some day you come back the this story. Until then I'll just keep re-reading.
9/18/2020 c1 Hurace
Ah love this and know it won't be updated but what was Brittany's secret?
8/30/2020 c1 Franco24
wow this is incredible. you're a good writer! wish you could comeback and finish the story
8/19/2020 c18 holysnixx
wow this is some god tier fanfic. too bad it was never finished. i feel like i can read their story forever ugh.
7/30/2020 c18 Emma
Nooooo... you can’t end it like thaaat
6/23/2020 c1 Noneed
After so many years...
5/16/2020 c18 Guest
I’m so sad this story was left like that, they haven’t even told each other “I love you” yet. By the way, it’s written like...amazingly! I’m really hoping for a comeback.
3/30/2020 c18 heyamustbreal
Another great unfinished story but worth to read. One of the Briitana's legend fanfics. Hoping to have tour clousure herencia. Thanks for your job.
2/13/2020 c18 yazzyp
PLEAs continue!
9/30/2019 c17 fuefenie
I can’t even ... even after all these years
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