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3/11/2013 c16 divergentdandelion
Awww little fourtris moment updatee
3/5/2013 c15 Phsco13
I really like this!
Please! update it soon!
with dauntless cake and ice cream on top?

lots of love!
3/1/2013 c15 4AzuraNobunaga
Please update soon! :DD Nice chapter by the way.
2/28/2013 c15 divergentdandelion
Update soon
2/28/2013 c15 buttnuggets
dun dun dun!
1/19/2013 c13 Guest
I love this. SOOOOO much! Don't stop, PLEASE!
1/18/2013 c13 AzuraNobunaga
Seriously?! Wrong timing for Tris! :\
1/18/2013 c13 buttnuggets
I got really excited when you put up a new chapter! This is great! Keeps me wanting to read more, like the books did. I can't wait till the third book comes out!
1/18/2013 c13 divergentdandelion
Yes I love! Plz write more
1/14/2013 c12 AzuraNobunaga
Christina and Uriah! :3
1/7/2013 c12 TheBrightStar
Nice job!
1/7/2013 c12 divergentdandelion
Omg after will died I totally shipped christina and uriah can u please write more
1/7/2013 c12 hdskjhfbksdjhfbdshksjdbf
Chris and Uriah forever! Woohoo :) hahahahhaha! This might just be the best chapter yet! Great job :)
1/6/2013 c11 AzuraNobunaga
Are Uriah and Christina a couple?! :O
1/5/2013 c11 divergentdandelion
Omgg I love it can u plz write more
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