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1/6/2019 c32 34what-is-a-social-life
This is such an amazing story. You write Tom and Sybil amazingly well, as well as everyone else. I wish this is how the series could have played out, but I’m glad we still have this little corner of the Downton world. I hope there will be more, but if not, thank you for writing. I learned so much about history in ways I did not expect; the effort and dedication you put into this was spectacular. Bobby going blind rather shocked me, and I got nervous for a second, but I shouldn’t have. You handled it with grace and talent, just like every other topic. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
9/20/2017 c31 5MollyMack
Well, it was as lovely a story as I thought when I began it, and I hope you keep writing. You have a fan in me!
9/2/2017 c31 John Bergman
Please continue writing this story. You have done a terrific job with these wonderful characters.
9/3/2017 c6 MollyMack
I could hardly stop reading in order to review this, once I found it (courtesy of magfreak), but I must. I came late to Downton Abbey and to fanfiction, but I've since devoured everything I could find on Tom and Sybil, and I can say with confidence that your writing is some of the most compelling. You have stayed true to your characters' personalities as written (and then dumped, in my opinion) by JF, making them even more lovable and real than ever. I loved Edna's comeuppance via Sybil, and her subsequent compassion for the wily maid; it was so Sybil. And I'm thoroughly enjoying the education of young Tom, the gifts of character and intelligence that made him special and explained what Sybil would see in him. Most Downton Abbey stories not marked complete have long been abandoned, but you seem to have updated more recently so I have hope, and will read as much as you've given and enjoy it all immensely. I hope you understand how much joy your writing has given.
7/3/2017 c31 tammyteresa64
Brilliant. I can't believe I waited a year to read this. Golf isn't my thing so maybe that was it. The beginning was hysterical and the end sweet. Loved it very much and I hope you write more. I believe at one point they will return to Ireland to live though tbh I rather then stay at downton.
7/3/2017 c30 tammyteresa64
First I must apologize for taking over a year to read this and review. It wasn't personal. I hope you will continue to write and add to this. Promise I won't take as long. Seems like the updating and writing in the Tom Sybil fandom has died down. Loved this. I was cracking up several times. And great job on the golfing history. Poor Matthew missing an opportunity to visit with Bobby Jones and it was wasted on Sybil. Lol.
3/13/2016 c31 40magfreak
This was so fantastic! Sorry it took so long to review (as always). What I love when you tie in real events/people/history to your story is that you don't just make a passing mention but you really weave it into the story in a way that makes sense and feels totally organic.

Tom cracked me up with his trick, which I guessed a second before your reveal. (Have you seen the movie Tin Cup? It features a similar fake out. It's a hilarious golf movie.) The fake injury also cracked me up. as much as I love the kids, it was nice to have a chapter to let Tom and Sybil be a happy couple. Thank you again for continuing this wonderful story that I love love love.
2/26/2016 c31 nita100
Fun chapter! Although honestly, I got a bit lost with all the golf bits.. sorry about that.. but its an entertaining read as always ")
2/20/2016 c31 Guest
I am always so happy to see an update from you! This was quite brilliant - you are a born story teller and you have such a feel for this couple. Lovely sense of humour in your writing too! Keep it coming!
2/19/2016 c31 18The Irish Chauffeur
This was a beautiful recreation of the 1920s with all your usual attention to period detail including the nod to Prohibition on the part of Matthew. But I am beginning to think that the remark of the Baroness to Maria in "The Sound of Music" is equally apt as regards our dashing Irishman:

"My dear, is there anything you can't do?"

Dance, help Matthew win at billiards and then prove more than a dab hand at golf thanks to his hitherto undisclosed - even to Sybil - experience of the game, as well as being able to fake a convincing injury! And no surprise that Sybil draws the male of the species to her like moths round a candle flame, producing the predictable green eyed little monster in Tom!

The ghastly Hagen was exceedingly well drawn and, as is only to be expected, with our delightful duo, Tom and Sybil find themselves surrendering to their constant need of each other. And then all departing the links at the end of the Competition leaving them alone to enjoy the sand and the sea. What on earth Mary will have to say about Matthew's impromptu jaunt off to Saltburn ...
2/18/2016 c30 27foojules
Such a great chapter! I think my favorite part is Sybil alone in the hotel room musing about how she’s progressed from the girl of a decade ago, but the bathtub scene cracked me up (“It’s just tired” - bahaha)! Also love her meeting with the golf star. I don’t know if golf had the association with privilege in 1920s England that it does now in the US, but I agree with you that Tom does not seem like he’d be into it! Edith, on the other hand...I can just see her in plaid knickerbockers. I also kind of love your depiction of Matthew as a rabid fan. This is a great idea for a chapter in the Bransons’ life.
2/16/2016 c31 41shana.rose
While I'm not really a fan of golf this arc has been fun! Loved Tom outsmarting that golfer. And Bobby seemed like such a nice kid. Tom was certainly a rascal in this chapter though! Betting a professional player and pretending to throw out his back. Honestly he's too much ;)
2/15/2016 c31 54The Yankee Countess
SO HAPPY! You made my night with this update (but that's "par for the course") ;oP

I can't deny, I do like seeing Tom get all "primitive", but this is also very much in character for him-wanting to stake his claim, but knowing well enough not to behave like a caveman. But who knew he had a talent for golf? However as soon as I calmly went along with Hagan's wager, I knew something was up ;o) But like Sybil, I too was shocked by the revelation that he wasn't really hurt! Tsk, tsk, Mr. Branson ;o) not that Sybil (or us) minded ;oP

AND I LOVED THE ENDING! I bit of "From Here to Eternity" on the beach, practically :oP awww, this story is always such a delight and every chapter is a joy and a treat. I look forward to more and hope inspiration will just keep coming!
2/15/2016 c31 10Frog1
(chuckle) Good chapter...even if it was about golf! Give me basketball, any day!
2/14/2016 c30 40magfreak
I can't believe it took me so long to review this chapter. I've been looking forward to it since you mentioned the possibility of doing something around the Open Championship. As always, I love how you present not just their marriage in this story, but the family politics with Matthew still present. It cracked me up how into the golf he is but Tom couldn't be bothered with anything except being with Sybil. I also love how you show her missing him, not just the sex but the small moments he creates for the family. And I absolutely cracked up at Bobby tricking everyone into bringing him food. I've said this so often, but I really love the character you have created and how his personality has shown through despite the adversity he has faced. That last moment almost felt like a cliffhanger ;) What *will* those three get up to!?

Can't wait for the next one. My own updates have become so few and far between that as much as I would love for you to update every other week, I totally understand and I take whatever you are able to create :) Thanks for a wonderful chapter!
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