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1/15/2020 c39 Guest
Continuare con la storia è la nascita del bambino
11/10/2019 c28 Mauraslover
Regarding that letter to Cavanaugh. Why is Maura giving it to him? Maura isnt employed by Boston Police department and Cavanaugh definitely isnt her boss so she doesnt have to ask him for time off or even inform him. The Chief Medical examiner is employed by the Governor of Massachusetts and he or she is Maura's only boss and the only person that she would be answerable to. I think part of the confusion over this issue is that Maura and Jane work in the same building so people automatically think that Cavanaugh is also her boss. I did some research about this thanks to google and found out that the Chief Medical Examiner and the Boston PD Homicide Unit are in fact two separate buildings several streets apart in Boston. I think the writers of the show are responsible for this confusion possibly because its the only way they could come up with in creating Maura and Jane's personal relationship away from work. These remarks arent meant as a critisism of you and your story which I have enjoyed immensly so please dont take them that way. Regarding the genetic history of the donor well a very naughty thought entered my head. What if the donor turns out to be Frankie or Tommy :o You wouldnt be that cruel though would you?
11/9/2019 c11 Mauraslover
Oh what a bitch. I really hope Jane gives her a good hard slap when she encounters her.
4/23/2019 c35 MrsMauraRizzoli
Right dont be mad because its not a criticism of you personally because I know you've put a lot of work into this otherwise very enjoyable story and I know its only fanfiction but I really dont understand how people writing these stories cant understand that Maura doesnt work for Boston PD and so Cavanaugh or Korsak or whoever might be running the department has no authority over her so she doesnt need their aproval to have maternity leave or any other kind of leave. I've seen this in tonnes of stories and it just puzzles me. In fact one writer even blocked me for pointing this out. Now thats overreacting! Even before they killed off Suzie and Maura was suspended by the Governor who IS her boss I knew that she didnt have a superior in the police department because she's not a police officer and I'm not even from the USA. I think though that this is actually the fault of the writers of the show for creating this illusion.
4/23/2019 c34 MrsMauraRizzoli
I'm in the uk and we're 8 hours ahead of you. It doesnt matter when you post because I get updates anyway :)
4/22/2019 c28 MrsMauraRizzoli
Maura isnt a police officer so she doesnt need to tell Cavanaugh about her maternity leave nor does she need his permission to take leave or even consult him. Sean Cavanaugh is not Maura's boss. She is not employed by the boston police department either. She and Jane only work in the same building but this is the fault of the creators or the show and the producers because I actually googled this and the office of the chief Medical examiner is actually an entirely separate building so if the writers and producers did this right then Maura & Jane wouldnt even be working in the same building.
4/22/2019 c17 MrsMauraRizzoli
Where will they get the sperm from? I dont think Jane would be happy with essence of Ian lol :)
4/22/2019 c16 MrsMauraRizzoli
I think Jane will end up carrying the baby & not Maura.
4/22/2019 c11 MrsMauraRizzoli
Sorry to swear but what a fucking witch Constance Isles is. That was hard to read but I am delighted that Maura stood up to her. I hope she explains to Jane what she said and Jane finds her & shoots her like she did to Paddy lol
7/12/2018 c39 karen.pinnell.52
Aaaaaahhhhhh didn't realise this wasn't complete its a shame you really need to finish it. Get Maura to go into labour and have half of the cops escorting her and jane and little Matteo is born loved by all etc. Gone on you can do it
6/7/2018 c39 Guest
? More please
5/21/2018 c39 Jaz
Cambiar a español
this is a wonderful story it was a great pleasure to read it please update it and end it with that happy ending we want.
thank you very much.
3/18/2018 c1 ynot45
MAURA / JACK / JANE / DEAN; are about too go to bed when
IAN / CASEY knocks on the door?
3/3/2018 c1 ynot45
JANE would help with the baby but would be angry with the doner.
10/30/2017 c26 Guest
This chapter give me "the notebook" vibes. Always promising to come back to Jane. So cute
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