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for Transcend Your Limits V2

5/9/2014 c8 3NodokaLover
did charizard go into mega charizard?
3/5/2014 c8 neverred
Okie-Dokie, I'm interested to see what happens next... Is Charizard okay? What is Ash going to do? Is the world going to turn to Ash once again?


3/5/2014 c7 neverred
Woot! Charizard sure Charred them! It's BAD PUN TIME!
This compitition turned to ash! Pikachu sure lit up that Gator!
Ash is going to be on fire!
3/5/2014 c6 neverred
It's Charring Time XD
3/5/2014 c3 neverred
Yep, Squirtle is awesome. Bulbasaur is still the best :D
3/5/2014 c2 neverred
I love Shintyu XD Suicidal Voltorbs and Santa's gifts XD
Why is he sinking the SS Anne? Doesn't he know the danger of Sharpedos?

Finally, it looks like Ash is shaping up! He has pokemon who can and HAVE defeated legionaries, just one more time!
3/5/2014 c1 neverred
:D I had this idea for a couple of Fics, a series called Double-Take, a story of a dimension traveler who goes to the dimensions of Pokemon, DBZ, Harry Potter and Doctor Who in order to give the character some much-needed advice at the right time, then stepping back to watch the chaos unfold.

It's a great Idea, I may never do it other than some drabbles, but this is looking to be very well-written and you do the battles very well.
Keep going!

8/2/2013 c2 GrandmasterRed
you are wrong look it up there is a 2 dollar bill look it up
6/6/2013 c8 Bright Man Akihiko
That's why Yveltel sounded familiar! It's the mascot of pokemon Y!
6/6/2013 c7 Bright Man Akihiko
So Kiryu genetically modified Charizard so he could go into shiny form when he was at his limits? All that's left is for Charizard to learn to control this power.
6/6/2013 c6 Bright Man Akihiko
Yay! Trip-bashing! He's such a ***** in the anime.
6/6/2013 c5 Bright Man Akihiko
It seems like you're developing a backstory for Tobi... I love that nickname. His reaction was hilarious!
6/6/2013 c3 Bright Man Akihiko
I see. Ash wanted Glalie to take the intimidate as a special attacker so Gabite could deal massive damage with moves like Draco Meteor and Squirtle could finish it up. He's cool with the shades.
6/6/2013 c2 Bright Man Akihiko
There actually is a 2$ bill. You shouldn't mock it. And Shinryu, I think you're a lunatic.
4/15/2013 c4 1BiscuitCultist
tyranitar is a Dark/Rock type not Rock/Ice. Also, squirtle is a turtle and thus IS a reptile not an amphibian.
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