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for The Awakening Part II: The Mind's Eye

10/12/2019 c1 Jonas
I woulda been conflicted as to how I legitimately observe the difference between triss and a normal Blazikens body without looking like a perv

9/22/2019 c13 1trintybusby
oi please keep goin with this story i bloody love it and to see it updated so long ago makes me really sad, i hope you make another chapter because i cant take a continual cliffhanger. Also i hope your doin ok.
11/8/2017 c13 xLePlay
So... I'm guessing this story is just dead in the water now. Sad to see it go, but I guess all things must end. Still pissed u left it on a literal cliffhanger of "hoowee I don't know bout tonight fellas, seems pretty dangerous" and then at least a year of silence. Welp. Have fun with ur life and all that. I'll just have to get over it.
9/29/2017 c8 Tom
When I read: "Like I just hit a girl." I thought of this:

Is it sexist to hit a girl or is it MORE sexist to not hit a girl?
2/26/2017 c13 FanFicAddict
7/4/2016 c13 Blank Start
Btw, The earlier temmie wuz me! 3 XD
7/4/2016 c13 Temmie
Great build up my friend! I couldn't stop laughing! I've been reading this story line for a long time, but just now found out about the comments section, so i decided to write to you. I hope to see more and more to this story, and maybe even a part III :D one can only hope right? But first, I do have a question that's been on my mind... How did you come up with this? Your story seems to literally break the wall between your fanfic and the real Pokemon universe! I love your work and I'm glad you were the one to find it, but I must ask how, so that maybe I could someday find inspiration the same way. I don't care if it isn't even that great of a story, but I'd love to hear it nonetheless! Thank you, and please continue your astounding work as always!
2/28/2015 c13 CooroDragon
This was an amazing chapter just like the rest. I do hope you will continue this very soon.
2/18/2015 c1 Darkrai7
Are you going to update? It's been one year...
2/14/2015 c13 J
That was AWSOME! IS THE GONNA BE ANOTHER BOOK. I hope so cuz that was amazing.
1/14/2015 c13 Alkumist
is this the end? D':
9/29/2014 c13 Guest
Update update update update update update update update update update update update. Good chapter... can't wait til you UPDATE! :/
9/25/2014 c10 4UnsungMelody2209
Venusaur, or the whole bulbasaur line for that matter, cannot be poisoned due to them being dual types of grass and poison. I do not know if that piece of information will ever be important to you again or if you probably already figured out but yeah. Just trying to help. It was a good chapter I enjoyed it. Especially at the end lol very sweet. What's with the German though lol randommm...
9/24/2014 c9 UnsungMelody2209
This was a good chapter but there was a bit of a discontinuity. I understand the fact that you felt adding the grief and a burden of a murder on the conscious of Rick would be a good advancement into the story line and I completely agree. It was a rational and reasonable step for future chapters (which I can't wait to read, but feel this comment is necessary) but I think his murder should have ensued in different terms that psychic prowess. Maybe his fighting ability as half fighting type gallade could have simply just ashes the kids face in with his bare fist. It would have been a more traumatizing event I believe and also more rational as in he could have explained it to himself as a fit of blind rage mixed with adrenalin that have him the power to do that. The reason for that is because of his surprise and no prior idea of him having strange powers before the day he became aware of his psychic abilities. The fact of him stating he figured it out later and knew something was weird with him is contradicting to the previous story line in one of the past chapters. Bludgeoning the kids face in with his bare fist would have been awesome, gruesome, an act of severe rage, traumatizing, and it wouldn't have any discrepancies since super strength can be explained by adrenalin and therefore not causing rick to notice anything extremely off. But that's just my opinion anyway. Well anyway I still like your story. So thanks.
9/22/2014 c3 UnsungMelody2209
This was a great chapter. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the deep intrinsic thoughts of Tessa. Very profound.
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