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for Titania and The Hunter

12/7 c3 Guest
Please write next chapter soon my favorite arc is coming.
12/7 c77 Guest
Nice plot twist.
11/8 c74 Metal Rust
Criosd Pherein: is back the one that wrote Halo: Noble wolf, wolf pack and wolf legacy is now Dungeons and dragons after 3 to 4 years Seeking the clarion call tales of the Apian Chronicler by Criosd Pherein
10/19 c1 1ZEBESTBRO
Already loving the premises
10/19 c2 ZEBESTBRO
This is all fine and dandy but TT_TT Kurama-sama! I hope you'll be back.
10/18 c17 trninjakiller
Your oc mahiro is officially on my shitlist. Fuck her. She is a fucking cunt. You holding naruto back artificially like that just waned my interest in this story quite considerably. I hope this is fixed soon or I'm just skipping ahead to when it does
10/17 c77 Faladrohs
Dont feel bad about having to add this chapter in. Some of the best writing you have done in this story involved the backstory you handcrafted for Erza. Love to see you continuing your journey with this story that ive had the pleasure to read for so many years. Always enjoyed your take on the fics you create but this one is by far my favorite. Lookin forward to the next chapter!
10/10 c33 Guest
When Naruto meets his parents will Erza be there to see them too?
10/5 c5 InfinityMask
Urgh stupid erza. If she didn’t stop him than maybe the result would be different.
10/5 c4 InfinityMask
Why not use the bomb seal(whatever it’s name) kurama teach him? I know he doesn’t want to kill but really? Is he fine looking at his friends get tortured just so he didn’t kill?
10/5 c3 InfinityMask
Hmm. Of course nerf comes. Lol. Btw why Hashirama seems so weak here?
10/5 c2 InfinityMask
Damn. That was very tear jerking.
9/30 c1 InfinityMask
Well. Zetsu manipulated the situation to make chaos kinda make sense.
9/30 c77 Race101
I just got done reading to the final chapter I feel like things are about to ramp up for Naruto and erza. I have fallen in love with this story its so good I can't wait for more chapters to come please hurry and release them as soon as possible I need more Naruto and erza time . And ps I love both of Naruto version of the rasengan and erza nakagami armor .Hopefully we can get weekly chapters
9/28 c77 2MateoDTobi
I don't think the retcon is forced, these characters haven't had real time to voice their family traumas out loud because they're scared of what it might imply until Edolas. Erza got the closure of her legacy and while Naruto has a face for them, he doesn't really know nothing about his world or why he was treated the way he was, so at least I believe he's not fully there.

Now comes the part where I'm biased, being an adopted child myself I can relate to some extent with Erza here. Though the experience is different, realizing that your dead parents aren't your biological ones isn't easy to come across, that feeling at the end of “so what? I got everything I want even if it wasn't by blood” is a feeling that I've felt myself.
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