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9/20 c13 Squarekiddo
Ive gathered from your A/N that you really dont like Narutos canon personality much, which made me happy, cause I dont either.
But then why make him almost the exact copy? in this chapter in really shows and it honestly put me off.
Ill keep reading, hoping he changes, but its really hard for me to read about someone this stupid and childish, especially considering his background.
9/15 c45 DragonFreak1995
Gah, everytime I read this story I cannot help but fall in love all over again with it! You capture the tone of Naruto in Fairy Tails world so well while also keeping it feeling honestly fresh.

I hope you are doing well and I cannot wait fir the next chapters to come. No rush though!

As a side note rereading The Tower of Heaven arc here really makes me want to see Naruto meet his parents...damn I shed a tear at that.
9/11 c38 amavgupta0
your story have been very good so far you did naruto development very later on but atleast did but there is just one confusion of mine armour can increase the power of some by 10times and if focused on one spot then by 15times if you’re good at using it and when he first started learning it your natural strength also keeps getting increased that you showed erza mother break a wall easily just like tsunade so tsunade lvl strength but naruto’s strength when using armour and without his prosthetic has been shown very low then the original dont you think?
9/10 c70 Mr Mister Mr
Hell yeah! Naked Edo-Erza running through the halls in a fit of rage is going to be something to look forward to next chapter!
9/9 c33 amavgupta0
Bro I didn’t understand why didn’t he simply dodge abyss break and then attack kurama healing can only heal stab wounds or wounds that are not caused to fatal organs like the heart, kurama can’t heal your heart being injured or your limb being cut or else he would have a limb after his fight with sasuke and I think abyss break without any defence would destroy your body
9/5 c21 amavgupta0
your story has been pretty good but don’t you think Erza has had a similar past like naruto with her killing people in the tower and she also did slavery but she is not scarred as heavily as naruto is shown and naruto’s power growth was going good but the last from the damnation event and the S-class trial, it has been a bit disappointing and just like I said Erza is not shown that scarred like naruto has been and honestly naruto should not have much problem with Mirajane like I know she becomes S-class at that age but naruto has a load amount of chakra and his magic reserves need to be large for using those swords so him getting tired so easily against Mirajane while he doesn’t get tired and even have gruesome injuries against hades or damnation and still able to defeat them, it’s like you underpowered him to be on their lvl or close to their lvl whereas even in the anime or manga they didn’t underpower the main character just so he can be equal with his friends whereas you’re dong that.
9/5 c19 amavgupta0
You know that right that when fairy law is only meant to be used against a singular target and if used against multiple then your life span will take a drastic hit and in worst case scenario will cause death
9/5 c19 amavgupta0
dont you think screaming at the top of his lungs during fighting is just giving your position away and wasting your energy how can naruto still be so foolish, your story is really good but the development of naruto shown as a character not a fighter is very slow
9/4 c14 amavgupta0
Chapter 14 was still a lot better then 13 but in chapter 13 you really made naruto too stupid he was not that stupid even in the naruto anime or manga like even all the people who reviewed chapter 13 say the same thing ‘good story but naruto was shown too stupid and it was forced or he will atleast be a bit more smarter with all the times he’s been brutally hurt’, so many people said the same thing like in tower of heaven you portrayed him much better then you’re doing when he came to fairy tail, its like you’re making him more stupid then before
9/4 c14 amavgupta0
bro I like your story just like I told in the previous review but naruto’s skills are subpar to max low A rank and a difference between A rank and S rank is like comparing a deer to a lion, just because he has got guts you’re making him atleast stand up against them for sometime or even defeat them instead of him training his mind and body very hard and improving and evolving his skills even more like you did with hades like he was so injured but just because he was angry you showed him even more powerful and was able to even defeat hades like that is really bad like he doesn’t comes with any planning just rush in head first and defeat opponents 10 times stronger without using his head because he is the main character and we can’t let him die because if its a villain it will be defeated but if its an ally you will get your ass handed to you even if they have the same skill lvl. Look im not hating or something like I said I like your story but these things just make it look bad like Ive liked how you’ve shown emotions of people and conversations and you’ve shown character development and maturity in all characters in everyone except naruto like you’re forcing naruto to act like a brash and bratty boy just because he acted like that in the anime and it is looking completely forced despite only some of that attitude should be present there and he should have a different approach to life and things with all the things he have seen and suffered, everything can’t be solved with sheer will and guts if it would have been then world and people would’ve been somewhere else, it just gives you the confidence to power through any obstacle that comes your way. It also requires brains with brains to defeat people or be successful in your life
9/4 c13 amavgupta0
But let me tell you the story have been really good and I really look forward to reading your chapter but now lets get to the flaws that I think their are that needs to be changed or you can do better in your future chapters or stories if you know about it, okay so with all of naruto’s torture and slavery and also seeing his friends suffering he is still shown to be very bratty and low iq which should be improved he didn’t get education till 4 I understand but rob tried to help him catch up hell even the kyuubi before he turned 6 helped him learn language atleast or the basic education and about his writing being bad he is a fucking Uzumaki it is in his genes to atleast be good inward writing and nobody likes to study but if it will help him to help his friends he should have focused more and developed his mind along with his body, the never give up attitude and strong will can only take you so far before you get your friends killed because of you not thinking of the situation at hand and carelessly going into dangerous situations like if you don’t have an option and you can help that person then its sometimes okay to be reckless but with the S rank request you have options that much stronger people can help them instead of endangering yours and everybody else’s life because of your foolishness and I was hoping he would have learned them in the tower after trying to escape it and getting tortured about how their are consequences to your actions so his attitude not changing even after the torture of his friends(Jellal) and losing his eye because he was very reckless then that is flaw no.1. Second I know naruto’s personality was like that in the anime but that was because of the circumstances, the situation you’re in make the person you become in the future so it is like you’re forcing that attitude of naruto here instead of doing some changes to it from his circumstances, genes play some of the role in your personality but not all and everyone forgets that naruto is also the son of minato who was very analytical and observant and not just Kushina.
9/4 c13 amavgupta0
ya know no humane person can eat the same meal everyday every damn time like I really really like pizza but if I eat it everyday every time I will get sick and even start hating pizza for some time and will likely not eat it for months. And I understand he likes ramen but in naruto anime he had a connection with ramen because the people in the ramen stand were one of the first people to help him and see him as a human not a demon and the first delicious he would have eaten this is why he got addicted to it but Kishimoto really overdid it and the jokes related to it were not even funny after sometime and without Kyūbi he wouldn’t have gained 3 feet of height and would have been sick almost every other day like I know its anime but after sometime ramen jokes were not even funny
8/19 c8 Smxsher
Damnit, Naruto’s an idiot
8/18 c1 Smxsher
I just started reading this story and didn’t realize until chapter six that he’s been doing this since 2012… u gotta respect him for that bro, if that ain’t dedication idk what is, and it’s great so far hope I can catch up and see it finished one day
8/18 c31 Jesse john
I like this fanfiction but I ask please don't take the lords name in vain
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