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for Price of Our Sins

12/30/2021 c42 Guest
Elane better save Minisa
or I hope she dies painfully
like have Ramsay torture her
12/26/2021 c42 CLTex
Great chapter!
12/25/2021 c42 Guest
NOO dont let Mini die
12/25/2021 c42 Guest
A fantastic chapter that was well worth the wait. You really did a good job of capturing the helplessness these characters are going through. And man, Elane, you better hope that Minisa lives, or you are going to be killed quite painfully, and you are going straight to hell.
12/1/2021 c1 Guest
please update soon
7/28/2021 c18 Erdbeerkuchen98
Ok this has to be said. I don’t know what will happen further, but Elane is SERIOUSLY pissing me off >=(
5/18/2021 c41 Vhu
Great chapter on price of our sins , so can you please put up the next chapter to the story now please
5/5/2021 c41 Natman717
Damnit, ugh pain pain and suffering, it hurts. While the OC is a bit blockheaded at time it makes her very real, very human and that is great. But damn do I love perfect people, and these people are not that. I really hope this couple makes it through the pain and the north comes out ahead, but it’s looking less and less likely.

Great story.
5/5/2021 c40 Natman717
I don’t know how but I really hope there were enough butterfly’s that theon won’t betray them this time.
5/5/2021 c39 Natman717
I mean I can see Renly arguing but just go down there and tell him, we will support your bid to the iron throne of the 6 kingdoms, the north will become independent. And hint that the north may rejoin the other kingdoms a few generations down the line. TaDa easy. And again just get Cat out of there she will ruin everything.
5/5/2021 c36 Natman717
Very good, as long as Sylvia gets her way and cat does not I’m happy.
5/4/2021 c34 Natman717
God kill Catelyn.
5/4/2021 c1 dvali
Great chapter. Nothing is solved and everything is getting worth. There will be a lot of tension between Robb and Sylvia.

I want more. And I hope that Vows will be updated soon. Good luck
5/4/2021 c41 7darkwolf76
Ugh. You ended it in one heck of a spot. Trying to drive me crazy, are you? Ah, this chapter was so good. It was so dramatic and serious. You wrote it so well, I was getting stressed with our poor young parents. I did facepalm at Robb a little bit. Its like "Man, stop being the King around your wife. I know you feel you need to be the strong one for her and your daughter, but sometimes, a little vulnerability goes a long way. Sylvia wants her husband. Not the King." Seriously, I loved it and can't wait for the next chapter. I sort of want to slap Elane silly myself. It's easy to understand why she's doing it, but you hate her all the same for putting that little baby angle Mini in danger! Fantastic job!
5/3/2021 c31 Natman717
God I’m loving this story but I hate when characters have flaws because I just want to jump into the story and throttle them all. Agahag just like god why can’t all these people be perfect and have the power to be their best selves, but noooo petty squabbling and stupidity shall run rampant.
As much as this annoys me, overall it is good, a story with real believable characters is a rare thing, so good job.
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