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for Price of Our Sins

7/20/2014 c13 1metaladdict
I really loved Cercei's thought's in this chapter it really shows that she is indeed a human being.

The part with Sylvia also very well done.
7/19/2014 c13 ninaluvsathena
Actually, as much as I loved the Cersei bits (I always wanted to see what was going through her mind with Brans "fall"), I thought the Robb/Sylvia parts were even better. What happened between them seemed real and natural with their relationship and you wrote it well, balancing the Stark family's reaction, Sylvia's grief and need for Robb yet her anger over his coldness, and Robb's inability to show his "weakness" infront of her. I can definitely imagine it being chaotic to write but it was very fun to read :)
7/19/2014 c13 7darkwolf76
This chapter was heartbreaking but so great! I loved all the growth and development Robb and Sylvia did as characters and as a couple. I almost cried with the Starks because your description their grief was so realistic! I always enjoy reading Cersei's point of view too. Her thoughts and conflicting emotions add depth to the story. I love this story! Please update soon!
7/19/2014 c13 111ZabuzasGirl
Update immediately, please!
7/9/2014 c12 Guest
Awesome! Keep it up! I love your story! Without a doubt one of the best I have ever read.
7/3/2014 c12 6Daybreak96
Great sorry so far ii love it please update soon!
7/2/2014 c12 6MissMac
Oooooouch! My feels hurt real bad. Your writing always makes me get worked up emotionally. Great job between Sylvie and Joffy. It sets a nice...and by nice I mean horrific...tone between the two and makes me hurt for what is to come! Another stunning chapter that makes me want to clap with glee then drown in my sorrows. Keep it up, pookie!
7/2/2014 c12 HermioneandMarcus
excellent chapter update and i can not wait to read more soon please and thank you
6/28/2014 c12 Guest
please update again!
6/28/2014 c12 1metaladdict
Kudos for doing a very good desbicial Joffery.

Overall I really liked the chapter you really nailed Joffery and i also really liked all the little things.
YAAAASSS! I'm so happy you updated, especially with such a well done chapter.
6/28/2014 c12 7darkwolf76
Thank you so much for updating! This chapter was great! I really like Sylvia as a character. She is not a perfect marysue that never changes or makes mistakes. She is a believable and dynamic character that grows with every chapter. I love her chemistry with Robb, the Starks, and her own family, and I cannot wait to see what you do with her next! Update soon!
6/28/2014 c12 Guest
Favourite story :)
6/28/2014 c12 kblatz
I liked it. Wasn't too long or "ramble-ey". Keep up the good work. Still enjoying the stiry5
6/28/2014 c12 15The-Queen-Of-Wolves-12
Great chapter update soon
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