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8/24/2020 c21 4LordStark5
Why is Sylvia mad with Robb exactly?
Because he didn't send word to his mother telling her to release Tyrion?
This doesn't exactly work unfortunately. Keep in mind, Robb technically has zero legal authority, he's not the Lord of Winterfell. He can't give his mother orders, and that's if he could get word to her, which he also can't because...
They wouldn't know where to send it. Catelyn openly said she was heading to Winterfell, and unless she sent word ahead saying she went to the Eyrie, (which she didn't), they wouldn't know where she went for a while.
8/24/2020 c20 LordStark5
Two things that I want to point out here
1. The party in the Wolfswood was more than 3 people. Not only was there Robb, Theon and Bran, but Maester Luwin, and several guardsmen were with them (plus direwolves).
2. Very interesting comparison to make between Sylvia and Bobby B, considering that Robb and Bobby B are already based on the same person (Edward IV).
8/21/2020 c17 LordStark5
The Godswood is inside Winterfell.
8/21/2020 c14 LordStark5
*Deeply sighs
Joffrey almost certainly did not hire the Catspaw. Tyrion’s logic is profoundly dumb, contradictory and built on misremeberance. This whole scene where Robert advocates for putting down Bran, is something we have no reason to assume happen. It’s only introduced in ASOS and comes across more as Cersei manipulating Jaime more than anything else since Cersei never once thinks about it in her POV. And Joffrey being the culprit is extremely unsatisifying since we only find out the literal day he died. Did we need another reason to hate Joffrey? There’s no human heart in conflict with itself if Joffrey did it either. I find it far more likely that Mance did it, and that could actually lead to a fun scene where Jon has to actually confront Mance over it. And compared to how well the other mystery was handled, with it being Lysa having murdered Jon Arryn, which if you look back you can see the signs were obvious, this pales in comparison, as the evidence to lead us to believe it’s Joffrey doesn’t even show up until Storm. Plus, Mance being the culprit explains why the Catspaw wouldn’t have just taken the silver, priceless knife, and left.
8/21/2020 c11 LordStark5
Something that I haven’t mentioned in previous reviews that I feel a little obligated to mention is that in the books, the plan wasn’t just to have Joffrey we’d Sansa, but also Robb to Myrcella and Tommen to Arya. The betrothals weren’t formally arranged since Myrcella, Tommen and Arya were all a little young, but it was part of Robert’s offer.
Obviously with Sansa being married to Joffrey, Sansa gets to be queen, which is good for the Starks. With the Tommen to Arya betrothal, well, eventually, Tommen would’ve taken on his mother’s name and been Lord of Casterly Rock, so Arya would be Lady of Casterly Rock, and this helps mark the end of the Stark-Lannister beef that had been established by Tywin having the Targaryen babes killed. Robb is probably the best match for Myrcella that could be made given that barring Joffrey, Robb was the most eligible bachelor in all of Westeros since not only is he heir to Winterfell, he’s also 3rd in line for Riverrun (and even has a shot at Harrenhal). This also serves to double bind both of the other two matches.
Obviously, the show cut this since Myrcella, Tommen and Arya were all aged up and these matches didn’t go anywhere, but the point still stands.
8/21/2020 c10 LordStark5
"M'lady, Lady Sylvia."
Just because it’s in the show doesn’t make it good. Ser Rodrik Cassel is an anointed knight, has served at Master at arms in Winterfell for years, and notably has a last name. He is certainly not low born and should be saying, My lady, or better yet, just address her as Lady Sylvia given the context here.
8/21/2020 c8 LordStark5
"The dunderhead has never even been past the Neck.“
Well, he was born at Riverrun...
“My father's mother was named Darla."
Ummm... No it was Lyarra. Ned’s mom was named Lyarra.
8/21/2020 c5 LordStark5
"How old are you, boy?"
Huh? Robert would know exactly how old Robb is. After all, Robb was born during the Rebellion, and is betrothed to his daughter.
8/21/2020 c3 LordStark5
“What if he was ugly? What if father had sold her to an ugly creature with one eye and no nose, and crooked nubs for fingers, and half an ear? What if he sold her to an imp like Uncle Tyrion?“ - That is some remarkably good foreshadowing.

“ I sadly approach this as Stannis approaches his wife's bed :(“ - Well, I wish you good fortune and pray that you find more comfort in this soon.
4/29/2020 c39 1Melmela
"The King in the North knelt before his queen, and told her everything."
The truth will set us free!
4/28/2020 c39 7darkwolf76
This chapter was so great! And the ending, ugh, I want to know Sylvia's reaction. This whole chapter has shone that their both having a time trying to adjust to their new titles and roles. They were both so vulnerable and overwhelmed in that first scene! The love for their daughter and the way they made up was so tender and sweet!

It was perfect and a great contrast to the rest of the chapter, where they both are really holding their own, even if they don't feel that strong. Sylvia putting the Blackfish in place, that was an accomplishment all on its own! I cannot wait to see what you come up with next! Keep the updates coming!
4/23/2020 c38 Falcon Lair
Oh excellent
4/23/2020 c38 1Owsla
Hey! You are so fantastic with detail! The emotional descriptions of the characters are always very well done, but in this chapter I especially enjoyed seeing Robb’s reaction to Neds death from another POV. This is exactly the kind of thing I am looking for in a GOT fan fiction and you wrote it beautifully. I can’t help but feel so sorry for Robb and Sylvia, but more so Sylvia! I do not blame her for all that wine she’s drinking here, she seems like she’s troubled which makes sense with all the hardships she’s suffered and basically being the sister of King crazy, yet she’s keeping herself together. She’s definitely a strong character. I also loved the ending to this! Also another perfect scene for a fanfic with Robb’s POV. Great chapter!
4/21/2020 c38 1Melmela
This chapter was beautiful, so intense! I loved reading it! Syl, she is growing up. Both of them (Robb/Sylvia) are doing it, but I'm loving Sylvia's path very much. Are we talking about the little Mini? My heart suffers thinking about what will become of her. Will she end up in Cersei's hands or worse? I trust in Osha! Ahahahahaha!
Well we will see what the future has in store for all of them..
4/20/2020 c38 7darkwolf76
I'm so very proud of you friend. You've worked so hard on this story and have kept at it. This milestone is big and you should be proud. This chapter was equal parts heart wrenching, deep, sweet, and epic. Your writing skills are unmatched.

I always did wonder what Robb and Sylvia's reaction to each other would be right after Ned died. You struck just the right balance between anger and sadness. It all seemed very realistic. Their words to each other are going to leave marks on their relationship and they have a lot to talk through, but it will not be something they can't work past. And that ending part of the scene was so sweet. It had me tearing up.

You know, for a long time, I'd come to dislike Elane for being a spy. I wanted her to get caught and answer for betraying Sylvia' s trust, but the insight into her past, her deep love for her mother, made me feel really bad for her. You made her seem so human. Still don't want her to steal Mini though.

Oh, that last scene. It was so good. You handled it great, weaving Sylvia, her point of view, and her subtle effect on the narrative into the fabric on that iconic scene seemlessly. And while Robb had his crowning moment in this scene, Sylvia definitely had hers, literally and figuratively, with that gesture of hers at the very end of the chapter. What a way to end season/book 1. Chills, so many chills.

Wonderful job friend! This has always been one of my all time favorite GoT fanfics, and this chapter just affirmed why. Keep up the great work and don't ever give up, because you'll always have at least one very enthusiastic reader and fan! Cannot wait to see what comes next!
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