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4/20/2020 c38 7darkwolf76
I'm so very proud of you friend. You've worked so hard on this story and have kept at it. This milestone is big and you should be proud. This chapter was equal parts heart wrenching, deep, sweet, and epic. Your writing skills are unmatched.

I always did wonder what Robb and Sylvia's reaction to each other would be right after Ned died. You struck just the right balance between anger and sadness. It all seemed very realistic. Their words to each other are going to leave marks on their relationship and they have a lot to talk through, but it will not be something they can't work past. And that ending part of the scene was so sweet. It had me tearing up.

You know, for a long time, I'd come to dislike Elane for being a spy. I wanted her to get caught and answer for betraying Sylvia' s trust, but the insight into her past, her deep love for her mother, made me feel really bad for her. You made her seem so human. Still don't want her to steal Mini though.

Oh, that last scene. It was so good. You handled it great, weaving Sylvia, her point of view, and her subtle effect on the narrative into the fabric on that iconic scene seemlessly. And while Robb had his crowning moment in this scene, Sylvia definitely had hers, literally and figuratively, with that gesture of hers at the very end of the chapter. What a way to end season/book 1. Chills, so many chills.

Wonderful job friend! This has always been one of my all time favorite GoT fanfics, and this chapter just affirmed why. Keep up the great work and don't ever give up, because you'll always have at least one very enthusiastic reader and fan! Cannot wait to see what comes next!
4/20/2020 c38 chris141linardi
great chapter
i think the relationship between tobb and syl is perfectly written hope they manage to win the war and independence for the north
also hope the treasonous handmaiden gets eaten by the wolfs
4/19/2020 c38 Bhn
Great chapter on price of our sins,so you please put up the next chapter to the story now please
4/19/2020 c38 1Ashies
Another amazing chapter! I always love the interactions between Robb and Sylvia, and despite the differences between the two, I think they do truly love one another. I’m also torn with what Elane is planning. On one hand, I would love for Minisa to be safe and out of Winterfell if Theon turns against Robb like in canon, but at the same time I can already imagine the pain Sylvia is going to go through when she finds out someone she trusted betrayed her and kidnapped her child and took her to Cersei. Either way I’m certain it’ll be amazing! So all in all, I loved every bit about this chapter, you are an amazing author, and I am very much looking forward to the next update!
4/19/2020 c38 doug.goodguy
Awesome chapter (also kinda starting to hate Elene). But you got one thing wrong: Minisa would be in front of Bran and Rickon in the line of succession. Remember that Sansa was Robb's heir after Bran and Rickon "died", and that's why he had his will name Jon his heir unless Jyane gave him a child. It's the Targs that practiced a super male-preference primogeniture, to the point where ANY male came before a female after the Dance of the Dragons. The first born of the first born always comes first for any other family.
3/28/2020 c37 Falcon Lair
Great chapter, thanks for the update.
2/22/2020 c36 Nina
eeeee! I loved the Jaime/Robb interaction here. It was so interesting to see the dynamic between them, especially since Robb is married to his niece, and Jaime hates Sylvia but loves her mother. A weird, interesting dynamic for sure.

What I really enjoyed was how Robb reacted when seeing jaime, and at first seeing that it was wrong to let Theon hit him while he was on his knees, but when he learned that Jaime was on the side of the people who possibly caused Sylvia's miscarriage, he had no limits to hurting a defenseless man, especially his disrespectful enemy.

I really hope we get more Jaime/Robb interactions later on!
2/19/2020 c37 Guest
Yes your back.
2/19/2020 c37 Bvm
Great chapter on price of sin's, so can you please put up the next chapter to the story now please
2/19/2020 c37 ej101
What a great chapter, I can’t wait to see what happens next! I hope Rob and all the northerners don’t think Sylvia is Jamie’s bastard, along with the other three. Please update soon, your writing is absolutely brilliant!
2/19/2020 c37 7darkwolf76
Girl, I am shook! In this chapter alone, the change in our main character, in character dynamics, is massive. Sylvia was the reasonable, cautious one before, viewing herself as the peacekeeper trying to rein in the Northerners before they acted rash and spilled blood prematurely. Now Robb and the other lords are telling her that she needs to calm down. She is out for BLOOD!

Its funny though, how at the same time, all these men, including Robb, are now acting as if she's this damaged little flower on the brink of shattering. As much as it sucks, Westeros has raging sexism embedded in its culture, even the good men show it in certain ways. Glad you didn't ignore it. Its a little funny, how they all, even Robb, think Sylvia is weaker from her loss, when she really was toughened because of it. Only Cat gets that I think.

Oh man, Ned died. Poor Sansa, Catelyn, and Robb. Wonder how the Northerners, especially the Starks will act towards Sylvia now. Will that sympathy and trust she seemingly gained from being attacked evaporate, and she'll be treated like a traitor again, or will they all be out for blood now? I particularly will be interested to see how his death changes things between Sylvia and Robb, now that they both know what it's like to lose a father, but it was her brother that did it. Great job!
2/19/2020 c6 tildaswann
This was good writing. I never like the sex scenes. They're most usually coarse and tacky. I read one 'wet cunt', and I'm done. This was sweet and loving. Good story too. Thank you.
12/24/2019 c36 Niki Esm
Plz update soon
10/25/2019 c36 Falcon Lair
So sad. Great writing.
10/12/2019 c36 CLTex
Tough chapter for them all. Great job with this!
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