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for Price of Our Sins

2/19/2020 c37 7darkwolf76
Girl, I am shook! In this chapter alone, the change in our main character, in character dynamics, is massive. Sylvia was the reasonable, cautious one before, viewing herself as the peacekeeper trying to rein in the Northerners before they acted rash and spilled blood prematurely. Now Robb and the other lords are telling her that she needs to calm down. She is out for BLOOD!

Its funny though, how at the same time, all these men, including Robb, are now acting as if she's this damaged little flower on the brink of shattering. As much as it sucks, Westeros has raging sexism embedded in its culture, even the good men show it in certain ways. Glad you didn't ignore it. Its a little funny, how they all, even Robb, think Sylvia is weaker from her loss, when she really was toughened because of it. Only Cat gets that I think.

Oh man, Ned died. Poor Sansa, Catelyn, and Robb. Wonder how the Northerners, especially the Starks will act towards Sylvia now. Will that sympathy and trust she seemingly gained from being attacked evaporate, and she'll be treated like a traitor again, or will they all be out for blood now? I particularly will be interested to see how his death changes things between Sylvia and Robb, now that they both know what it's like to lose a father, but it was her brother that did it. Great job!
2/19/2020 c6 tildaswann
This was good writing. I never like the sex scenes. They're most usually coarse and tacky. I read one 'wet cunt', and I'm done. This was sweet and loving. Good story too. Thank you.
12/24/2019 c36 Niki Esm
Plz update soon
10/25/2019 c36 Falcon Lair
So sad. Great writing.
10/12/2019 c36 CLTex
Tough chapter for them all. Great job with this!
10/12/2019 c36 2Kaizer-Kid
Aren't they near Riverrun?
10/11/2019 c36 Amy
I love this story so much I got incredibly excited when i got a notification of the update! It’s been so hard to read from the beginning Sylvia loving her family and wanting their approval while knowing how bad they are and that they don’t really care that much about her? With exceptions of course lol but it’s amazing reading about her just developing into an adult and discovering and processing everything, the character development in this story is I think one of my favorites ever. I’ve read one or two other stories with a Baratheon/Lannister oc and usually from the beginning there is some sort of rift or animosity and it’s so interesting to see a character that is genuinely torn between both sides and the conflict that rises from that. Honestly I cannot wait to see how the story develops! Its been fantastic so far lol
10/11/2019 c36 Vcg
Great chapter on price of our sins,so can you please put up the next chapter to the story now please
10/11/2019 c36 Guest
It was a great chapter, a sad one tho.
10/11/2019 c36 1x NikiSt x
I loved this chapter so much
10/11/2019 c36 15510868letsgo
I hope Sylvia is thirsty for revenge. Sad about the baby. Do you think it's time that she knows about he dead twin brother?
10/11/2019 c36 7darkwolf76
It was so sad. Really sad. But so well written. Even with horrible event that happened, it is nice to see Robb and Sylvia united again. Even if it's untied in vengeance, anger, and greif... Is it wrong to say I sort of cheered when Robb hit Jaime? It felt a little cathartic. So I'm guessing Joffrey sent the assassin? It's not very hard to guess. I just can't see Renly doing it. It would be very interesting to see how Cersei would react to her precious golden boy sending an assassin after oldest daughter.

Man, that last section, Sylvia was a grade A badass. "Let them all see my face, and doubt me no longer." You show those stuffy old men Sylvia! Oh, and I did notice you slip in a little detail about a little hand holding Sylvia's as she passed out. Could it be the hand of a certain Stuffy... or Steffon? Great job girl, keep it up!
10/11/2019 c36 doug.goodguy
I loved the chapter have a question and a correction. The question is are Rickard Karstark's sons still alive? That's pretty big deal if they are. And second, when they debate where to send Sylvia, they say any castle is too far away, when the Whispering Wood isn't that far from Riverrun, which they will soon take.
10/6/2019 c35 Death Lantern
I hope Geoffrey rotts in hell.
7/11/2019 c35 CLTex
Jeez that was rough to read for Sylvia. This is going to be bad
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