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for Price of Our Sins

8/15/2018 c31 111ZabuzasGirl
..Can you please kill Catelyn earlier.
Wonderful! ;)
Update immediately, please!
8/15/2018 c31 Guest
I agree with Sylvia about Cat
8/15/2018 c31 3RHatch89
Awesome update... but I wonder why Stannis and Renly seek to claim the throne when Sylvia and Minisa are the strongest contenders :)
8/11/2018 c30 Cfx
Great chapter on price of our sins, so can you please put up the next chapter to the story now please
7/15/2018 c30 doug.goodguy
Great set up chapter, if a little on the short side. Also, I'm assuming the big news that Sylvia has is that she's pregnant. She had Robb have been having a lot of sex of late.
7/4/2018 c30 Lol
So happy about your update! I feel so sorry for Sylvia. She is used by everyone and I hope that she finally builds up the courage to fight back. Even tough she is very naive I can’t really blame her for the love for her family.
6/8/2018 c30 1metaladdict
Great to see another chapter man!

At this point in time it really shows that everyone, rightfully so, sees Sylvia as weak and incompetent.

She is and I can't wait to see how this will change in the futhere.
6/7/2018 c30 Kwicis
The re-cap was good to have in the beginning. I had forgotten which story this was but that made me remember! The chapter was really good, I hope you update soon!
6/7/2018 c30 3RHatch89
Great update :)
6/6/2018 c30 7darkwolf76
That was AMAZING! Seeing the perspective of all the leaders of the southern factions while they were scheming was really different and fun. Poor Sylvia seems like she's going to be involved in an emotional tug of war between Robb, Renly, and Cersei. Yikes! At least Stannis doesn't much care for her. She's gonna have enough pressure on her as it is!

I really loved seeing Davos this chapter. You really had him pegged. Even though he worshipped Stannis, he did defend Sylvia. Can't wait to see more small bits with him throughout the story, though I imagine he won't be in it too much.

Was it just me, or did Loras seem jealous of Sylvia and the affection she and Renly have? That was pretty hilarious. I love seeing Renly and Loras's couple shenanigans.

Jamie trying to steal Sylvia is going to be interesting. He doesn't have a great deal of affection for her, so I don't see her easily going with him. And if she does end up going south with the northern army, that will complicate things a lot. I can't wait to see what Sylvia decides to do, stay up at Winterfell or go south to participate in the action? And I wonder what that news could be.;-) Great job! All your characters were spot on this update!
6/6/2018 c30 111ZabuzasGirl
Update immediately, please!
5/9/2018 c29 Gal
Hallo! I have seen that it has been quite some time since your last update. I really hope that you will continue this story because it is one of my favorites. You OC is such a unique character and even though I can get frustrated with her actions I can understand them. But I am really happy that she has got such a strong relationship with Robb. I hope that they can still love and support each other when the war starts.
3/26/2018 c29 16Wikked
Oh my god. I stayed up all of last night reading even though I had a thing at university. I really enjoy this story. You are true to the universe. The characters seem like they are close to their originals which is amazing. And can be quite difficult!

I find that Sylvia is growing more cruel in these later charters. I find myself kind of disliking her bit by bit. Though that’s not meant to be negative. It’s good character development and probably realistic given how she was raised and things. While I kinda wish she was softer I also think this is really good writing and all.

Also, are you going to pick up the more children thing? It would be kinda interesting to see her pregnant once again.

Either way, amazing story! It without a doubt deserves a spot in my favorites!
3/13/2018 c29 2Kaizer-Kid
And this hasn't been updated in almost a year why? C'mon what could be more important? Jk, but in all seriousness this latest chapter was one of the finest, and you've started to get to the juicy stuff, you should continue on.
2/10/2018 c29 bluefalcon0207
Best Baratheon OC story hands down! You have writing super powers! Any recs for other Game of Thrones OC fics?
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