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for The Mummy Reborn

7/22/2019 c2 6Alysia Of The Pen
it's never nothing! I like the little tense moments you sprinkle through between Mana and Mahad.
10/21/2018 c34 Bleach power
Beautiful of the bast Yu-gi-oh stiries I have ever read.
12/11/2017 c1 15shini-amaryllis
no harm ever came from visiting a dig site, yeah right! This sounds intriguing!
10/7/2016 c29 7sunita92
10/7/2016 c28 sunita92
You rock mana
10/7/2016 c27 sunita92
Where are atem and mana scenes?
10/7/2016 c26 sunita92
I love this chapter! Finally some action
10/6/2016 c25 sunita92
Aww cute. I love the part you wrote about atem and mana. I want more pls!
10/6/2016 c24 sunita92
Forgetting who?
10/6/2016 c23 sunita92
Aww so cute. Hope to see more of atem and mana scenes!
10/5/2016 c22 sunita92
So the truth is out
10/5/2016 c21 sunita92
That was some action pack chapter
10/5/2016 c20 sunita92
Where's mana?
10/5/2016 c19 sunita92
ooh is mana gonna share with iShizu?
10/4/2016 c18 sunita92
I want more atem and mana!
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