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12/13/2012 c2 e.waller
you have reid doing two things just letting you know
12/12/2012 c4 Darkwlight7
pretty please update, i wanna see what is the teams reaction about gibbs and emily? since she said there is no more secrets, love it so far.
12/11/2012 c4 CmHotchnissGeek101
AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME CHAPTER! PLEASE when you next update can the chapter please be longer? GREAT!
12/11/2012 c4 KayeBell
hey thanks for updating. when will the next chapter be out?
12/11/2012 c4 1lolipop2220
wow ! *_* I am even more eager to know what happens next ! ;)
12/10/2012 c4 49Maverick500
will her, and gibbs get a chance to talk
12/10/2012 c4 58AcesOfSpade
write more! My heart is literally beating in suspense! No other storyy I have read hasevr done that. You are amazing and you need to write more! Ps,Stupid cliffhanger
12/10/2012 c4 3123a456e
Great chapter! Please update soon! This is going to be awesome! You should have the teams see the closeness between Gibbs and Emily and totally misunderstand it...like they think its a relationship (ew)
12/10/2012 c4 11EJ96
Gibbs reaction can't wait for more :)
12/8/2012 c3 49Maverick500
Dreat start, look forward to reading more
12/8/2012 c3 Emilyhotchnerforever
I want emily! Please! Emily! Hotly moments! Gibbs/emily moments! Please update soon
12/8/2012 c3 11EJ96
Please continue when are you planning on bringing prentiss back and are any other relationships going to develop :)
12/8/2012 c3 I-Burnt-the-Popcorn
i really like the story please continue
12/4/2012 c3 MichaelJackson1
Thanx so much 4 updating! Excited for the next chapter!
12/4/2012 c3 beth peschke
great story what hppens next
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