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12/18/2012 c3 8Some Random Tosser
... Hm. Purple Heart's unusually loud and petty today.
12/16/2012 c2 Some Random Tosser
Okay, the plot's building up. Let's see where this goes.
11/26/2012 c1 5Hydrocity3
I am so confused right now...
11/19/2012 c1 8Some Random Tosser
Hey, this isn't bad at all, really. I do have a problem that the dungeon segment doesn't really link well to the main plot that just kind of pops up.

"This is the world of Gamindustri, ruled by the Goddesses. It is a very rocking place and we'd all rather be here than in Captain N's world. By the way, there's these people who are trying to take over the world."

What I'm saying is that it kind of comes out of nowhere.

At the very least, this does promise to be somewhat entertaining. I wonder what WINNERS will be like?

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