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2/25/2013 c7 christopher
Good chapter can't wait to see them get. Together. I hope it's soon.
2/25/2013 c7 Selarom1219
This was a sweet filler, it was smooth and progressed the characters personalities. As a reader I cant get enough of this match-up because so few know how to make it work, and you are doing a fine job of it. Keep up awesome work, and release soon! Don't forget the EPIC of yours too :)
2/19/2013 c6 12Ranibow2malfoy
I'm in love with every aspect of this! Can not wait to see how you work this out!
2/17/2013 c6 6FanOfAction
very interesting turn of events! i like the romance that is going on, and glad that zuko and mai are on good terms again! update soon!
2/16/2013 c6 Selarom1219
Interesting chemistry you are putting Aang and Azula in, I did feel like the Zuko and Mai tension could have been "stretched" a little while longer, but it does have that "awe" factor :). Had to re-read some previous chapters to get back up to par and this was a very nice chapter, update soon!
1/24/2013 c3 FanOfAction
it's quite sweet of azula for adopting the pet...can't wait to see what plans she has for ozai
1/24/2013 c5 1GrimAngel16
you're right, the story does mean something. it has a flavor to it that entices me. but im not one to bug or push, i am glad you decided to update. here's to the next one. oh, and are any more of the gaang going to show up?
12/20/2012 c4 4Cryosfear
(D'awwww, you named her tutu) another great chapter, I'm excited to see what comes next. I've never really seen azula as a human being before.
12/18/2012 c4 10Evil Riggs
Some odd hiccups (an awkward phrase here; a construction error there), but mostly rather solid. Better transitions and more focused perspective, even if though it does flit from character to character.

Less a complaint than an observation: Where is Mai in all this? Is she still Zuko's consort? If so, Azula and Mai meeting up might make for some crackerjack drama. What better way to peel off Azula's emotional surface than to confront the friend who betrayed her?
12/9/2012 c3 Evil Riggs
Darts around like a nervous kitten, unable to settle on a single subject for long. As ever, what's on the page works. Good character work interspersed with some great sensory details. Some of the scenes just need to - for lack of a better phrase - breathe more openly.

The prime example of this is Aang and Katara's breakup, which should be a huge emotional scene but comes off as somewhat perfunctory. The how and why of it are good, but the abruptness of the scene robs it of any emotional power. Of course, we know from the story's summary that Aang and Azula are eventually going to do the horizontal tango, but that doesn't mean we have to shortchange what should be a massive psychological blow to both Aang and Katara.

I would actually suggest separating the Aang-centric scenes into a separate chapter (for now). Then expand on the physical difficulties he and Katara are having, culminating in the almost-but-not-quite consummation that spurs Aang to his decision. This will give more focus to the second main character of the story and also provide a better emotional foundation for the eventual coming-together of the Avatar and the Crazy Princess. Well - in theory.

In summary: Awesome ideas and images somewhat hamstrung by presentation. Don't get me wrong - I'm still on board with this. I'm a sucker for well-constructed, nonstandard romance.
12/9/2012 c2 Evil Riggs
Though victim to the same issues as the last chapter, this is a pretty smooth and well-oiled outing. Plenty of food for thought. You nail almost all of the characters' voices quite well.
12/9/2012 c1 Evil Riggs
Solidly written and engaging, but undermined by the abrupt changes in scenery. The sudden shift from setting to setting makes the chapter feel like a disconnected series of vignettes. If this weren't part of a larger work, I don't think this would irritate me as much as it does. I advise you to include a quick "establishing shot" paragraph whenever you shift locations/time periods, if only to orient the reader properly to the new circumstances of the scene.

(This is unnecessary in the final section, as you already have said "establishing shot" of Azula waking.)

All this said, the text really is quite good so far. I'm interested to see what direction you take this. Good luck as it progresses!
12/9/2012 c3 BlueLion
hmm, I wonder if Azula's new pet is male or female?
One suggestion: Try to structure your story with limiters like '* * *" - it's somewhat confusing when you jump from one scene to the next
11/27/2012 c2 Selarom1219
I waited to review until the second chapter. I like the comic concept you used to start the premise of the story. It's flowing quite nicely, doesn't seem rushed and I feel you really are taking your time writing each little detail rather than rush from event to event. It helps me as a reader an others imo gain a relationship with the characters in a way. Great start so far, I'm sure we are all looking forward to the next chapters, I know I am.
11/26/2012 c2 9BoogieBoy
So far so well, although you kind of messed up the character ages. Aang is four years younger than Zuko, he's the same age as Toph. Mai is one year older than Ty Lee, Azula and Katara.

Other than that, rock on!
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