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for The Ghost Peace Keepers

12/10/2012 c2 5Miss Dreamer124
You need to give me another chapter!

For Christmas?!
12/8/2012 c2 Galaxya
I am glad to say that I see a huge improvement. I like the fact that instead of telling us what happens you are describing what is happening.

I will admit because I read fast (on occasion) I sometimes have a hard time differentiating between thoughts and what is spoken, so you might consider doing something like italicizing thoughts. But that is completely up to you _

Again, great job on improving your story, I will continue to keep an eye on it, and I honestly look forward to the next chapter.
11/27/2012 c1 Miss Dreamer124
It was good and great and well AWESOME!
11/27/2012 c1 Galaxya
The prologue for this story felt a little bland, like it is missing something, though I am not entirely sure what, but the premise behind this story seems very interesting. I like the idea of their being an organisation that wants to coexist with humans but having to keep themselves secret to stay safe.

I will say this though your last line is amazing, "… That's when I have met Dark, a fellow loner, my first friend and… little did I know, the catalyst of our destiny." It promises more, and interesting things to come. I will keep an eye on this story.

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