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6/30/2017 c1 Guest
Omg that was just like twilight at the end
1/25/2017 c2 16QuestionableIntentions
i wanna see where max and fang show each other their wings! but other wise, it's really really good. tell your friend i love it!
3/22/2014 c1 5WittyX
So I got my account up and running, if you want to read the rest of this Visit me, the first chapter is revised, and i have more chapters up too
3/18/2014 c2 AllYouNeedIsLove
Is your friend going to finish it? Because so far its good.
12/7/2012 c1 Isa
Sage wrote this right!? Yay Sage!
11/25/2012 c2 Guest
amazing write more!
11/25/2012 c1 DoctorMelodyPond
Ok. This the real author. I'm sorry for m l. I finally got it running. But I need I ideas! me!
11/23/2012 c1 Guest
update already
11/21/2012 c1 sagetherealauthr
lol i wrote this trololollolol
11/23/2012 c2 zammie848792
hey im updating tell your friend not to me sad because i am updating this story is really good
11/23/2012 c2 18AdriJ254

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