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7/4 c1 THOTSLAYER9000
Kill yourself with this retarded story
6/28 c42 1MythicGR66
I'd wish Naruto stuck more to the assassin type of combat, Tactics, deception, design new assassin tools to help him succeed or Jutsu that are meant more for hiding or assassination.

In every Fic where they try to make him different from norm, he still learns Rasengan, shadow clones, use Kurama's Chakra and 9/10 fuinjutsu. Clones I'm fine as with fuinjutsu it fits with the AC theme, but please don't make him another C&P Naruto with hidden blades and that's it.
6/27 c38 MythicGR66
i hope Hitomi leaves Hiashi, he's pure toxic.
6/27 c36 MythicGR66
I hope to see more butting of heads between Naruto and Jiraiya, be it about their difference in philosophy (while they are the same overall, Jiraiya isn't willing to kill/remove those who can't/don't want to be reasoned with, or who aren't worth redeeming. Assassins: Kill one to save thousands, Jiraiya/Cannon Naruto: Why Fight, let's talk it out (though he's tried to kill you multiple times and plans to start a war))

Or as he tries to turn Naruto in to what kind of Shinobi he thinks Naruto should be, and that he's basically trying to turn him in to a copy of his father. Rather than the Assassin he is and wants to be. Also, the only reason he's in his life is the Akatsuki.
6/27 c34 MythicGR66
I'm surprised Neji didn't just kill Omoi, by destroying his heart with the last few hits of the Hakke Rokujūyon Shō or as a finishing blow.
6/27 c31 MythicGR66
Ahh, one question, since 99% of the Uchiha clan is alive. Why is he bothering after Sasuke? When all he wants is the Sharingan. He could take any one of a hundred Uchiha any random day.

The "reason" in the manga was the fact he was one of the last Uchiha, Itachi could beat him easily, most likely didn't know of Tobi/Obito and one of the few times Orochimaru could have a 80% of finding & getting to him was the Chunin Exams.

You will have to give more of a reason why it's Sasuke he wants. Be it to get revenge on Itachi, he's the only easiest to be swayed to join him, or he's the only Uchiha with a Sharingan in his age range, as he wants a personalized new body and the others are not good enough, too old or some such reason.
4/3 c10 4Lord Mandragon
A very well written story. The characters are well written, and the way it diverges from cannon is both realistic and compelling. Everything comes together nicely. Excellent job.
3/22 c51 Guest
Might I recommend getting a Discord page and finding a few beta's to help with writing and also it will keep us updated.

P.S. If your wondering why I made two of these it's because I don't if you would have seen this one or the other one.

3/14 c51 19Dragon and Sword Master
It is great to see you finally back in the saddle and glad to see that you aren't dead just yet.

Concerning the chapter, I enjoyed every part of it. The tea ceremony with Anko, the assassin meeting and Naruto showing off his new invention (I have not heard many good things about Unity so I doubt I'm missing much) and finally everything concerning Fuu.

Great chapter and cannot wait to see more!
2/22 c51 1AyanoZonurai
For accidentally finding this fic looking up “ ac Desmond reborn in Naruto world” I am absolutely in love. I love the way you portray Naruto, Hinata, Anko, and even Kurenai. They aren’t completely OC , they actually still fit the original characteristics ,etc., and the story portrays their growth and development into who the are now. I think Naruto could say “Believe it” more often as in the manga and Japanese anime it is a verbal tick that he inherited from his mother and that half of Uzu portrayed as well. The writing style you use to describe and write gives enough detail without over doing it, keeping the readers attention and not tiring them out. I’ll admit that I read all 51 chapters in 2 days, it’s that’s good. I believe you could become a professional writer and make your own original works someday if you haven’t already. I’m gonna check out your other stories while I await an update for this masterpiece.
1/11 c2 Guest
Wait till he's twenty-something to do that recruiting crap. I refuse to continue reading if the first order of business after he's situated is building another brotherhood. I don't even like that fact that the brotherhood was compromised. The only reason I won't complain all that much is because he didn't willingly give that information. I still feel like he should have been more hostile after that though. He's eighteen. Make him feel like it. Also telling people he's from another world. After Anko, that junk better be put to rest.
12/4/2022 c51 1Crevanille
I'm so happy to see this st9ry get an update! Seriously though, hope things are going well.

Oh, b8g Fuu fan!
12/2/2022 c51 DT
I would love to log in to leave this, but unfortunately cannot. This has been one of the greatest fanfics I've read in quite some time. Binge read this over a few days between work and it kept me hooked. I did have a question (and I might have missed it), was there any promotions from the Chuunin exam? It wouldn't affect how much I've enjoyed this, just curious.
10/15/2022 c51 blackangelus187
loving it, keep it coming
10/4/2022 c1 4Lord Mandragon
A very well written story. The characters are well written and the way it diverges from cannon, is both realistic and compelling. Everything comes together nicely. Excellent job.
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