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4/2/2021 c11 121Scififan33
was hoping Itachi could be spared his fate of having to run, especially when he had a fiancé show up. Hate to think what he made her see.
So Naruto froze up since he's never faced a real fight? at least he managed to get the sword but ouch, young for his first kill.
4/1/2021 c48 fuunu
nice update and dealing with emotional fallout is never easy. Also loved your reply to the one person about a sheltered Christian 4th grader had better insults. And you are correct about piercing weapons and chainmail. While they do have an advantage it is not an automatic win. About the only weapons that do are special arrows and poignards. Even then it's not a guarantee
4/1/2021 c48 Guest
Hell yeah fuck the haters, just binged rereading awaiting the next few installments and very excited to see where you take these excellent changes to cannon
3/31/2021 c48 Reedz22
I loved everything of this from chapter 1 to 48
3/30/2021 c48 egemsuperstar
Great chapter. Especially with the references to Therapy. I’ve learned a lot about trauma recently and coming back to fandoms like Naruto puts the show in a whole new perspective. I knew these characters all needed some serious help but I didn’t realize how bad the impact could be on their psychological health. So yes. You get therapy and you get therapy and you get therapy and you get therapy!
3/30/2021 c48 1ShadowRealmComics
Screw the demands. I say that he should stay in the doghouse for a little bit and forced to earn some forgiveness, butt have naruto always remember the whole thing. I recall in therapy that holding onto anger like that is not good. As for the chapter you did good as all ways.
3/30/2021 c48 WearyCurmudgeon
- Exercise
Actually, one could consider his canon running from Chuunin and ANBU post pranking as endurance training.

Especially, as most couldn't catch him.

So stamina wise he'd be around Gai and Lee's level, although part of that is boosting by both his Uzumaki heritage and Jinchuuriki status. Whereas theirs is all hard work, blood, sweat and tears. Genius of Innate talent vs. Genius of Hard Work.

If he'd undergone a similar training regime, than he'd have ended up surpassing them.

Having said that, THIS Naruto should be in far better physical shape than his canon counterpart. Both due to training as well as an improved diet.

Remember, assassins do their stuff without relying on fancy chakra cheating. So all hard work and conditioning. The climbing training alone would've improved his upper torso strength.

So that is something to consider in all of this as well.


- Failures
Seems like I'm harping on this, but it bears repeating. So Jiraiya couldn't handle raising him due to guilt.

Not the best of reasons, but both plausible and a somewhat acceptable explanation. But it still doesn't explain why he didn't HIRE someone as an ongoing A-rank to look after the kid. (He was already loaded by the time Naruto was born.)

Whether it be Anko, Kurenai, hell how about Yoshino Naara for some extra spending money. Countless options of folks tied to the village who could've done it for a steady monthly paycheck.

Yet he didn't even bother with that. And there are a number of BS reasons he could've given for his interference without revealing Naruto's heritage and a number of those involve sealing (his supposed specialty). It's not as if Naruto's status as Jinchuuriki was a secret from the locally embedded spies, courtesy of the Konoha sheeple.

If he'd hired someone, then he would've had a position to argue from about whether or not he failed his duties.

Now? Wet pumice is more solid as an underground, than what he's standing on.

Even Kakashi's reasonings about his actions are more defensible than Jiraiya's and the Scarecrow is suffering from untreated PTSD and depression to boot.

So yeah, Jiraiya may be an amusing character, but when you look at his actions objectively than he's really not that likeable. Not to the level of "VFSnake" 's portrayals of him, but it's still all pretty damning.

- Redemption
Timeframe also matters and it's something Hiruzen is glossing over.

One bad f*ck up, that's resolved in months at most, but days or weeks is more likely.

This on the other hand is YEARS, well over a dozen of them of wilfull neglect and subsequent secrets being kept to which Naruto SHOULD have been privy, like the Akatsuki threat.

Add to that a sh*try attitude towards those that did take care of him, who bothered to train him properly...

Well.. He needs to bring his A-game in order to earn the consideration of forgiveness. (Itachi has better odds at being forgiven right now, than Jiraiya does from my POV.)

This isn't resolved by throwing some jutsu at the kid.

Writing down varying stories about his parents (via shadow clones). (As canon Naruto was denied of all that knowledge with Jiraiya dead and the truth only coming out after he died vs. Pain.) Tips on sealing. Further espionage training.

And only then throwing in the jutsu knowledge.
Oh and any other "secrets" pertaining to Naruto that could otherwise bite him in the arse, if not warned in advance. Like that marriage duel thingy.

*Shakes head*

Hell, this is like Will Smith's father showing up in "Fresh Prince of Bell Air", only to flake on him again.

Stuff like that leaves scars on the soul.
3/30/2021 c48 Chancellor Ride

This chapter is fantastic. I love moments of melancholy in stories and this is some of the best I read. Naruto's emotions are completely relatable and having Sarutobi tell him that his feelings are valid, but he should be willing to forgive people should they truly want forgiveness, but understanding that it was up to Naruto as the victim and he couldn't force him to feel a certain way; brilliant.

On another note, I adore how much you emphasized the idea of ninjas needing to keep up their mental health and see therapists. Makes sense when your business is killing people/espionage and gives a clear distinction between how Sarutobi handles Konoha and how Danzo wants things.

Final thing... This chapter honestly hits way to close to home for me. A person you thought should be their for you, a person you thought you could count on betrays that trust in ways you couldn't imagine... And just being so angry, so frustrated... But understanding that to hold that is to allow yourself willingly to drink poison...

Sorry... got kind of personal there towards the end. Thanks for another amazing chapter and I hope you and yours stay well and happy through these trying times.

Hope to hear back,
Chancellor Ride
3/29/2021 c48 MojoBlack
Welcome back! It's been a while! I am curious as to how far you want to take this fic though? Reason why I'm asking is that your life appears to be extremely busy and if you're aiming to go all the way to the war arc you might not be done until 2030 lol.
Alas in this chapter it was great to see another NaruHina moment even if predictably so Naruto is to dense to act on feelings he doesn't even know that he has lol.
In regards to forgiving Jiraiya. Everyone and their unborn baby knows that in this fic you're going to have Naruto forgive him. You're just building up things for the sake of the story.
However I have a recommendation. Have Naruto forgive him but never have him be as close to him as he is to Raphael and Anko. Loyalty from the start should stand out from those who weren't loyal at first.

After all it's one of the main reasons why in canon and in fanfiction there will never be a better girl for Naruto other than Hinata.
3/29/2021 c48 Dharshan
Welcome back! I never knew how much I missed this fic till I saw the update.

I may have actually enjoyed your rant almost as much as the chapter. I don't know how people are able to read your story and not see how much work you put in. Please feel free to rant more on your ANs if that is what you need to do.
3/29/2021 c48 4Eltyr
This was beautifully done. You've given Jiraya a decent reason for not being there when it mattered most, Naruto's emotional turmoil feels very real, and the support of his friends is a lovely thing to read.

Raphael and Sarutobi's 'Talk-no-jutsu' segments were particularly well done, and I hear echoes of the 'end hatred through understanding' philosophy in Sarutobi's words.

Now the big questions: what is Sauske's current mental state, and what do the Hyuga bigwigs want with Hinata?
3/29/2021 c48 1buterflypuss
Good chap
3/29/2021 c48 9Dragon Man 180
I’d say that Jiraiya deserves some grief, I’m not even sure Naruto knew Jiraiya was his godfather in the manga, so I hope to see their eventual talk about it.

I will not be surprised if Hiashi is an ass and wants Hinatazback in the clan like nothing happened now that she’s proven herself. If he does I hope she flips him off and storms out of the compound.
3/29/2021 c48 1Dracarot
The Sandaime is right, hanging on to anger will do Naruto no good. Are there times to be angry? Yes. Are there times where anger can be used for good effect? Yes. But to hold on to that anger, for anger's sake only leads to destruction, and while anger can be used it must never guide or dictate your actions, only fuel actions that need to be done for other reasons.

And within the next one to three chapters a showdown with the Hyuga clan, oh what fun.
3/29/2021 c48 Scarease
I think one flash backs They had Naruto was doing physical training .
Example climb up tree and supporting own body as climb to keep standing position would require muscle and likely physical training .I do believe that author also choose to skip that physical train scenes do to await more focus on the Chakra and other thing of cannon story .Physcial training scene done almost hundred of Manga .
Plus have combined muscle somewhat required for chakra since it is physical energy and spirit energy combined last checked .
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