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3/29/2021 c48 bleedingangel95
Very emotional. Nicely done.
3/22/2021 c47 dragonlord4546
please update soon im loving this story and yes i know its a fanfiction but i call any fanfic i actually like a story
3/4/2021 c39 1SynxisDeMind
Yay Ino and Lee
3/4/2021 c38 SynxisDeMind
Really good try by Sakura, just Temari as genin was pretty formidable.
Kiba backing down, a little sad but smart move. Enhanced senses would stab him in the back there.

Neji enjoying some revenge can't completely disapprove.

Thank you Hinata for such an awesome win. So proud

Great stuff all round.
3/4/2021 c32 SynxisDeMind
Thank you that decision by Sakura to stab Kin in the thigh. Much approved
3/1/2021 c15 SynxisDeMind
You know I could almost small Danzo being involved here. Looks loike I was right
3/1/2021 c3 SynxisDeMind
Gotta say that was a cool passcode
2/24/2021 c47 slythian
Still good stories can't wait for another chapter
2/23/2021 c45 slythian
Hey love ur stories but I had and idea for the whole assassins creed Eagle eye type thing if your interested in an idea for it that could be fit into the Naruto universe and work to an extent. Since its your story just figure I could offer the idea and if interested I could tell you it. You can always on me if interested
2/18/2021 c47 MalachiaDemon
Oh yeah and I've noticed an guest calling them self Likmereet going around different naruto stories to berate the authors about their stories and/or themselves. So just ignore that blowhard and keep doing what you feel like doing.
2/18/2021 c47 MalachiaDemon
YOUR PLAYING CURSE OF STRAHD TOO? My friends started a bout a year and a half ago but it was put on hold of 6 or 7 months when the lock down happened. Its most of ours first really campaign too. I'm playing a smart dragonborn barbarian with really bad charisma and a love for ccx the wild. Any ways great story it was one of the first that I ever read when I first started reading fanfics and one of the only ones that still continues all these years later. Can't wait for another update
2/14/2021 c47 M1stymix
Honestly I'm kinda hoping raphael gets a bigger role and becomes more powerful that can contend with kages in the future. I kinda felt like he is being wasted with having a background of meeting and learning from Ezio and not some random assassin. Even now it looks like his role as sensei to naruto is done as naruto is now focusing to improve more as a shinobi and all he gets are sub plot parts haven't been that part of the main plot much.
2/14/2021 c5 M1stymix
what do you think about changing the name from "assassins" to the "hidden ones" since for one it goes back to it's root in a new world and make the name of the group less obvious and people won't jump to the conclusion what the brotherhood is about
1/22/2021 c47 KadeBear
Man I'm really enjoying this fic, this last arc kinda seemed to drag but it was very suspenseful. Especially seeing how Naruto literally will never trust Jiraya least without something major happening between the two of them. Definitely wondering how you'll do the Sasuke retrieval arc. Loving the fic so far, keep up the fantastic work!
1/13/2021 c47 34Zanzibar1
Keep up the great work! I am still enjoying this story immensely though it took me a while to catch up with all the updates.
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