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11/20/2020 c47 AvatarUzumaki
this may sound mean but I for one hope Naruto does not forgive jiraya. i mean it is understandable what he is feeling, I can eventually see naruto being ok with jiraya and see him as a comrade but to see him as family or his godfather i think that is lost. that aside great chapter I look forward to reading the next one
11/18/2020 c47 9Drake G. Reaper
Well things are certainly getting interesting here I know this is largely focused on the Naruto side of things I hope it leans more into Assassin's Creed maybe around Shippuden time there are a lot of aspects of Naruto that could lend pretty well to the Templar order like the Akatsuki.
11/17/2020 c47 Devilscreed
Very nice chapter.
I especially like how you introduced conflict between Naruto and Jiraya. Using Orochimaru for that is brilliant as it fits with his character and makes the whole thing very organic. Can't wait how that will work out in future chapters.
I'm also curious about Tsunade's and Shizune's reaction to meeting the other Assassins. I have an inkling you might take that somewhere most wouldn't expect.
I'm also chomping at the bit to get my hands on a PS5 so I can finally play Valhalla. The wait has been excruciating -.-
11/17/2020 c47 Jose19
I remember Guren very well this lady wasn’t a villain but someone that Orochimaru used as a tool, and she found a purpose protecting a boy.

The question on the story will Jiraiya give Naruto his true legacy that he is entitled like the Rasengan, and complete mastery of Kurama.

I am glad that sealing is taught to him that is part of his legacy since his Clan is infamous for this the canon never paid attention to this skill.
11/17/2020 c47 19Dragon and Sword Master
Thank you for the amazing chapter. I think that you did it quite justice and cannot wait to see what you have in store concerning Jiraiya and Naruto. It does seem a little out of character for Orochimaru to actually care about a pawn of his, but that's just my opinion.

11/17/2020 c47 egemsuperstar
Oh boy, that was heavy. I mean I sympathize with Jiraiya but he screwed up and now he has to face the consequences. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Guren though, she and Kimmimaro are my favorite Sound Ninjas. I really enjoyed this chapter. A lot of moving pieces at play here. I hope I can work my way up to being able to navigate multiple interconnected plot lines like this but until then, I’ll just enjoy reading and learning from work like yours.
11/16/2020 c1 MrSlendy69
Silencing and immobilizing seals.
11/16/2020 c18 MrSlendy69
I hope Naruto learns some Fuinjutsu. I can see it being very useful for assassination work. Silencing
11/16/2020 c47 8CCSakuraforever
Esta muy bueno el capítulo que paso con la captura de guren como hizo orochimaru revelando que jiraya es su padrino para perder la confianza entre ellos y que pasará en el regreso a la aldea que esta tramando danzo
11/16/2020 c47 7Animephilosopher1
Hmmmm. The bomb finally went out and Jiraya has a whole whack-ton to answer for. Nice touch, especially revealing this here when, at least I, did not see it coming at all.

Curiously, I'm actually wondering how you will feature Assassin-Naruto processing this news. Naruto has been following the creed and the Assassins ways very closely in this and him becoming too emotional without some rational from the Assassins might be neglectful of this earlier development. Especially since the Creed can literally be applied here: "Nothing is true, everything is permitted," towards Jiraya:
"Nothing is true..."
1) he may have been named as Naruto's godfather but he didn't honestly fulfill those responsibilities, so he's truthfully not one.
2) Naruto can choose if that matters to him at all in light of multiple times Jiraya let him down; resulting in professional indifference. Love and hate are linked but indifference it the total opposite to emotions, and giving none could hurt Jiraya even more.
3) Jiraya himself deliberately chose not to tell Naruto when they met, or raise him. Naruto could even claim Jiraya was truthfully his godfather to Minato, Kushina and Jiraya himself, but he is not one to Naruto and therefore Orochimaru's words hold no truth to Naruto himself.
4) Who should Naruto blame? His deceased parents for their choice, or the man who did not take-up and uphold that responsibility.
("the foundations of society are fragile [Naruto's life], and we [Jiraya] must be the shepards of our own civilization [Naruto himself]")

"...Everything is permitted." (or in other words, "everything is permitted to happen in response to what somebody does, not guarantee the results they want."
1) Jiraya had been named as a Godfather but had any and every right to act as he did since nothing except him could have forced himself to do anything.
2) Jiraya's decision to be distant from Naruto could have equally lead to him becoming hurt, or have him grow safe and alright on his own. Instead of actively creating the results he wanted, the man only expected it to happen with minimal input.
3) It reflects how people can be passive and have the world fall to pieces, thinking their intentions will create the results they want, or something they do not enjoy to think about has every reason to happen instead.
("how we [Jiraya/Naruto] are the architects of our own actions, and we [Jiraya/Naruto/Tsunade, everyone] must live with their consequences. Whether glorious or tragic.")

Either way, I think this situation has set-up a real test for how Naruto values the Creed and the Assassin's philosophies, if the author choses to explore them here. Which in-turn would set-up a powerful climax for the Tsunade-Retrieval Arc and perhaps introduce a bit of the Assassins to her.
(Naruto is a full Assassins now, and has the same conditions to reveal the Creed to her as Raphael did to Hiruzen).

All this aside, the scene with Kiseki over Itachi's letter was very touching and I'm curious to see what Mikoto and Sasuke's reactions will be later.

Orochimaru's ambush of Naruto does make sense, as he is one the only characters I actually could see ambushing next to anybody in the Naruto-verse and am more if he had to.

Great chapter, and worth the wait.
11/16/2020 c47 4Eltyr
Well this chapter was a roller-coaster of emotions! Just as I was thinking Naruto and Jiraya were about to bridge the gap and bond, Jiraya screwed up again and Orochimaru took advantage of it.
Love that Tsunade's giving some serious thought to the current trajectory of her life, and i really liked the scene between her and Shizune.
I feel so bad for Kiseki, but I love Itachi's gift for her, and that he still has hope at this point that he can still have a life with her. I'm glad he hasn't yet gone on that suicidal redemptive path that he does in cannon.
The fallout between Jiraya and Naruto next chapter is going to be... interesting, to say the least.

Glad Valhalla is on your radar as well; I still need to get through 3, Origins AND Odyssey and all of the relevant DLC before I even consider it. At first I thought the idea of a Viking Assassin made no sense, but I'm starting to warm to the idea. There better be some sembelance of naval battles though, or I'm forming a raiding party and storming Ubisoft HQ lol
Look forward to the next chapter!
11/16/2020 c47 9Dragon Man 180
Oh man, how long is Naruto going to be in Emo Sasuke mode? Will it take Hinata kissing him to get him out, Anko torture training him, or one of the other Assassins sparring with him?
11/16/2020 c47 Caspian123
Oh, poor Jiraiya, but, well, he brought that on himself. I hope Rafael talks with Naruto and convinces him to at least try to talks things down with Jiraiya.

About DnD... don't let anyone bully you about being a Fighter. It's not the complexity of the of the class, but of the role play that matters. Look at Crit Role, the most complex character, class wise, is Percy, but when playing, he fells as complex as all the other, because what matters in the end is the role play.
11/16/2020 c47 Guest
Great chapter! Keep it up!
11/16/2020 c47 WearyCurmudgeon
- Gas
Mentioned that because Ezio did use smoke and poison gas grenades. So Rafael should know those tricks as well, plus there's no telling what else they might've developed since setting up shop in Konoha.

A teargas bomb would be the equivalent of the gold coin grenade, serve as a nonlethal distraction, but one that could actually be used in combat as well. (Essentially an AoE Capuchin spray idea intermixed with smoke bombs as their closest analogy to regular teargas as we know it.)

As the pre-chakra ninja were quite similar to the Assassin order in how they operated. So there should be overlap for such things. (I've seen smoke bombs intermixed with itching powder in other fics as well. Yet another possible nonlethal tool.)

- Teme
Just a FYI, it was mistranslated into b*st*rd, whereas it's simply a rude way of saying "you".

You can consider it the thematic equivalent of "you b*st*rd" or "you unmitigated *ssh*le", "you piece of sh*t." Etc etc.

But it's not an actual translation so Jiraiya saying: "What did the teme offer you anyways?"" doesn't actually make sense.

- Secrets
And once more Jiraiya chickens out. It's not just the Godfather thing (although that tidbit getting revealed by Pedomaru and probably wrecking the trust that was slowly being built between the two won't help either), but also the Nadeshiko marriage battle agreement that Naruto is now stuck with as his student.

*shakes head*

Fairly sure the kid won't be happy about that one either. No matter how attractive Shizuka is.

- Mikoto
Hmm.. If she ever learned the truth, will she end up upset that this BS has gotten in the way of her getting grandkids?

Considering she seemed rather giddy about the Kiseki/Itachi thing, but maybe I'm reading too much into it.

- Mistake
Jiraiya should've put Guren in a prisoner scroll, then sent it back to Konoha through Toad express, after she refused his soft approach. No need to worry about an uncooperative prisoner then and Anko could've had a little "chat" with her.

Would've avoided the whole kidnapping scenario. Then again Jiraiya has never been one with common sense, considering his Peeping Tom hobby.


- Kiseki
He's offering you Pocky, my dear. It's like an Uzumaki giving you their ramen. Can't get a bigger declaration of love than that, considering their addicted natures. ;-P

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

*Tsunade shot back at.*

A) "Tsunade shot back."
B) "Tsunade shot back at him."

*Ad even now, he still was too cowardly to tell you."*

"And* rather than "Ad".

"... where a scroll sat un-open.*

"unopened "
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