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9/3/2022 c51 Crimson Hawk Wolf
I like how this chapter went. The tea ceremony was a surprise but I really liked how things seem to have gone there from what little I myself know about them. I do remember a few anime shows that had them but can’t remember to much about them sadly. I also think it was in a movie as well. Karate kid maybe?

I like how you had Naruto come up with the new hidden blade addition in this story. It really seems like it will work out great with there jobs especially for those who like the bow most. I wonder how you’ll go about using it later on in the story.

I really like the idea for them to wear ANBU style masks when there doing there assassin duty. I wonder what masks everyone will end up going with and how that might play out later on as well. I’m not sure if I’m hoping for Naruto to chose a fox or not though. I have mixed feelings there. Toad maybe?

I do wonder if it would be a good idea to have Naruto Fuu and Yugito living together or right next door though. I really hate the idea that Naruto has people around for him but he still lives all on his own. That always bugged me in stories like these for some reason. Sucks not having anyone there for you at home when your a kid.

I do have to wonder if Fuu will become an assassin at some point. I’m having trouble seeing how that might work out if she does given she can fly when she chooses to. Always awesome when she does though. Best part of having Nanabi sealed inside of her I think.

It really sucks with how difficult things have been for you. Never a fun thing to have to deal with. Just try not to push yourself to hard when trying to get things done though. You don’t want to burn yourself out.

I’ll be looking forward to reading the next chapter of this story when you get the chance to post it. I can’t wait to read what you have in mind and how things are going to turn out. Especially at the summit meeting. Not sure what ti expect when that happens.

Good luck with everything that’s going on for you and try to stay safe. Take care and thanks again for taking the time to update this story.
9/3/2022 c51 1k.deathnote.5
Raphael and Anko showing the softer sides of each others feelings for one another after the tea ceremony. And Donzo getting a big fuck you from Hiruzen and Tsunade about the position of Hokage.
9/3/2022 c51 9Dragon Man 180
Nice chapter, I can't wait to see Fuu adapt to living in Konoha. I hope she makes friends quickly, especially with Naruto. I can see them becoming sibling figures easily. I love the Phantom Blade, but building on it can they do a senbon spray type device? I can see that being even better for use in hallways and narrow areas where enemies can't dodge.

Sarutobi going to a Kage summit... is it wrong I want to see Onoki and him both start sniping at the younger Kage and making stereotypical old man jokes at them. They probably loath one another, but they survived all three Great Ninja Wars so if someone implies they're not fit I can see them teaming up to verbally tear the young whippersnapper a brand new ass hole.
9/3/2022 c51 101VFSNAKE
Awesome! Fuu is now part of Konoha. Danzo is fuming at being passed up as Hokage. SUCK IT BITCH! Anko is showing her romantic side. Let the teasing begin! Now Naruto and Hinata can date while sticking it to the Hyuuga Clan in secret. HA!
9/3/2022 c51 3Kenka
I found the stealth mechanics (hiding behind furniture and corners) and opportunities (bribing, stealing and eavesdropping to find an alternate and unique kill) is what made Unity truly an awesome addition to the franchise. the only installation I really have a problem with is Valhalla, while it is a good game, I feel it was more about the Isu secrets and their bid to cheat death, the stealth mechanics looked a bit ridiculous (throw a cloak on over armor and you look less suspicious?) if Eivor was a seasoned hunter for the clan and a loner, then it might have changed things, but again maybe not.
9/3/2022 c51 Monster hunter
Thanks for updating! Also I'm curious are both Raphael & Anko virgins, sorry for the weird question I'm a reader that love's wholesome lovestorys were both lovers are virgins. Also will you add more Assassin's Creed weapons other than the 'Phantom Blade'.
9/3/2022 c51 1Dracarot
I was going to say Akatsuki's plan to make Konoha look like an aggressor in the aftermath of yet another depletion of its man power and infrastructure to Iwa and Kumo sounded dumb in my head, then I rembered Fuu has now reached Konoha still tailed beasts seem better as deterrents from attack rather than offensive weapons. Now Akatsuki trying to convince the two of Konoha's vulnerability and a chance for Kumo to reclaim what it lost might fly a bit better...

But this is an armchair general talking so I can concede I could easily be missing a lot of factors.

And of course the rational actor model of foreign policy is dependent on people being rational *turns around and looks at sum of human history including the last few months* so yeah...
9/3/2022 c51 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter and glad things are going well for Anko and Fu, also welcome back :)
9/3/2022 c51 izukusonjackson
Will any of the Assassins in Konoha's Brotherhood get Eagle Vision? Cause with Hinata's bloodline or even with Kurama's sensing abilities, would be a great addition to their skillset.
9/3/2022 c50 MojoBlack
Welcome back and sorry that your personal life has been such an uphill battle so far.
Still you're here and you managed to put out a banging chapter for us!
Thr Konoha brotherhood is looking strong and ready to roll and most importantly Naruto and Co.
You put alot of effort into the small details rather the big and flashy things which is good, though I hope you are able to continue the trend since Shippudden cared for nothing but big and flashy.
9/3/2022 c51 MarauderPrime12
Excellent chapter
9/3/2022 c51 Guest
Great chapter! Keep it up!
7/23/2022 c1 HyperA2019
Looking forward to Chapter 51.
7/14/2022 c2 RedRize
did the assassins have internal energy or am I confusing something? how did they use special vision or animal control if they didn't have internal energy?!
6/8/2022 c11 SGKaisa
you made a rather significant mistake in this chapter. Shisui had access to Susano.

in canon he never used it because he was taken by surprise and lost an eye before he knew what Danzo was doing.

in your story, you have had Shisui discover Danzo is a traitor. at that point he should have immediately defaulted to the ultimate defence of Susano.

you clearly still wanted him to die like canon. so you should of had him lose an eye instantly, not get grabbed, monologed to, then attacked.
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