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2/20/2022 c49 4Eltyr
I absolutely love your bit about emotional wounds. so very accurate, and I love the way you describe the process of healing and what can happen when healing does not occur properly.
I'm very curious about what Anko wants to tell Raphael. Wonder what has her so nervous?
neji and hinatas seen was good closure for their conflict. Even if it isn't an end to their conflict per se, it's good to see their relationship is on the road to being mended.
I am also curious as to how the zombie bros knew that Yugito was coming. Doesn't seem like the kind of thing Danzo would leak, but I'm not discounting that possiblity. Either way, there seems to be a leak that needs plugging.
Finally, it's good that we're hearing about Tayuya again. I wonder who Orochimaru's new head of research will be?
2/19/2022 c50 9UltimateAvengers
Nobody can fault you for Murphey's Law throwing curveballs in life.
2/18/2022 c17 1Crevanille
Personally, I liked the buildup to the 'off8cial' start of the series.
Sure it was long, but you kinda needed to take the time to establish a proper foundation with so many changes going on. Like the Uchiha Clan not being utterly decimated, Sarutobi being a more 0roactive Kage, and showing how stressful trying to do the r8ght thing really is. Plus, Jiraiya getting chewed out made me happy. Oh, and I do hope Hinata uses her sword/naginata... it's freaking cool af!

And this is especially true since you basically set up what is functionally Konoha's 'anti-ROOT' to properly take on Danzou later on down the line, along with offering new angles to deal with Oto, Kumo, Akatsuki, and the 4th Great Shinobi War.
2/18/2022 c41 3Shizuka Taiyou
I've been enjoying catching up with this fanfic. Also I agree that I enjoy some of the music that Johnathan Young does.

C. D.
2/18/2022 c14 1Crevanille
I've read a few Naruto AU fics already, and most of the ones where Hinata is both central and grows a spine lead her to becoming 9ne of the most VICIOUS kunoichi in the story.

One particular story had her learn medical ninjutsu from Tsunade to incorporate into her Jyuuken after that Hiashi one 5hing too many about Naruto who, at the time, everybody thought was dead.
She ended challenging him for headship of the clan and proceeded to beat him so badly that literally every bone in his body was shattered and she was only centimeters away from plunging a chakra scalpel into his heart with tbe only thing being Neni literally begging her not to kill him.
...Hiashi broke after that, even if he did survive.
That Hinata also silently held in her grief and anger for years before she snapped too.

Point is, Hinata is potentially one of the most terrifying women alive in Naruto if you piss her off enough... especially when it comes to Naruto.

That sa8d, I wanna see her kick Neji's ass!
2/17/2022 c13 Crevanille
Considering how much of a low point this Hinata has hit, and in a way so few ppl bother touching... thnx for that bravery btw, I think it would be very difficult to handle.

That said, and considering she's a shy, traumatized, and rock only 8 yrs old. I honestly think you did pretty well.
2/17/2022 c50 1silverstreak93242
Greetings, here's hoping that this review finds you well! Having gone through my entire household having covid, and being off work for 11 days due to it...I can understand the havoc and chaos that was abounding in your home! I must say, all through this fic, I have had absolutely no issues with your chapters, and I have found myself rather enjoying the plot, premise, and the story line! As for this chapter, I didn't see anything that was majorly wrong, inconclusive, or just plain NOT RIGHT! In that you put everything in order, and went with the scenes as your muse decided to release them to you! Take your time, we who truly appreciate your fics, will wait "im"patiently for updates, but wait we will...any who can't wait, and want the chapters rushed out, aren't giving you the credit your stories deserve, because I have read almost all of your fics, and the only one's I haven't are your Proposal and continuing after one-shots, simply because I haven't been in that type of mood to read those, but I probably will at some point, due to you truly being one of my favorite author's...I will be leaving you a review in the other fic I have been meaning to review in, if you don't read that review before this one, but again, I have enjoyed all your stories, and must say, I am looking forward to the continuation of your Harry Potter BMoH series...unless it's a dead story line, in which case I will mourn it's passing into the annals of my memories, and simply continue to enjoy your other fics! For those that try to tear your stories apart, for one reason or another, I enjoy reading your rebuttals to them as a matter of fact, because as I say about my job as a Security Officer, if I don't piss off at least one person during my shift, I'm obviously not doing my job...and as a fellow author, whose story is currently on hiatus, just not marked that way...if your not pissing off at least one reader, with each new update, then your not doing your job as an author properly, but I am happy to say, for my part, no matter if your not pissing off at least one reader with each update, or per story, then no matter, I still say your doing a good job! Now to go drop that review in your ME:MS fic! Again, here's hoping that this review finds you and yours doing well...and as for your sister moving in with her's hard to let go of family when they decide to leave the nest, but remember, the time will come for you as well, and you have to adjust to what life throws at you...Good day, and keep on putting out great chapters and stories for all of us to read and enjoy! Your doing a great job! DATTEBAYO! TaTa For Now! TTFN
2/16/2022 c50 MarauderPrime12
Excellent chapter
2/16/2022 c2 TCentraL
This lost me. Dropped didnt even finish a quarter of this chapter - expected more, way more. I dont recommend reading this, try if you want, but I just cant, it's just so wrong for me, got more mad than anything else
2/16/2022 c50 8CCSakuraforever
Está muy bueno el capítulo como le fue a Naruto en la aldea que pasó ahí más el rescate de fu de parte de los de Konoha más que Taki la entrego para que no sean destruidos que pasará más adelante
2/16/2022 c50 Rebell 01
Wow, advice worthy of a real shrink or priest. It allwasy bothered me that in canon naruto never worked through his issues.
2/16/2022 c50 1Vallavarayan
Hope your family is ok now. With covid, I think most understand. I am thankful to have heard from you- to k ow that you are safe in these times.
2/16/2022 c50 55brown phantom
I think what's really hurting Naruto the most here in regards to forgiving Jiraiya is the underlying expectation that he do it. Sure, the adults are telling him to take his time and not rush anything, but it does sound like they still expect him to forgive Jiraiya sooner or later. Which Naruto could interpret as them saying that if he doesn't then he's the real bad guy. As in no matter how bad it is that Jiraiya abandoned him, if Naruto doesn't forgive him then that makes him worse. Is that what the adults are saying? No, at least not intentionally, but that is how Naruto can and probably is interpreting it and sees it as a form of pressure on him to do it and get it over with. Also there's the fact that other than being shamed, how exactly is Jiraiya suffering any consequences of his choices? His dirty laundry gets shoved in his face, he gets sad, and that's supposed to be enough? Naruto has the right to expect Jiraiya to suffer at least a little beyond being called out on.
Outside of that, don't feel bad about real life interference. I myself got COVID and that put a damper on my own writing for a bit. But hey, it's still not as bad as those guest reviewers who hate our stories simply for existing am I right?
2/16/2022 c50 1Ramrikai
Woo! Update! Pretty much all of the other jinchuriki save Gaara and B are criminally underutilized in the show, and I've been enjoying Yugito's place in this story, so I'm looking forward to seeing how Fuu fits in.
2/16/2022 c50 Guest
Great chapter! Keep it up!
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